Is LOD linked to bandwidth?

So I have a pretty slow internet connection - about 10mbps. I heard that the bing satellite scenery is higher quality with faster bandwidth. But what isn’t clear is what improves with higher bandwidth? Is it the quality of textures etc?

Also, how does bandwidth affect the draw distance of trees and objects that are influenced by the LOD settings? Are people with high bandwidth getting scenery drawn in further out due to better bandwidth? As all this is essentially data, you would think so.

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I have 1000 Mbps
Everything looks worse after the last 2 patches


No. For example, trees are much sparser now after the latest patch. That looks ugly and fake even on ultra.

It is a disgrace!


So many words, so little evidence as is common for most complaints. And also nothing to do with the posters question. it makes me wonder if some of these posts are for real. Myself and others I know that are in different countries aren’t seeing any less trees or worse graphics. I wonder why we’re special.

Anyway, to the OP. There are a few videos made during development that talk about some of that. I can’t remember the details to be precise but obviously photogrammetry data is affected. I don’t know if they serialize the data in different streams or if it is one stream so it is hard to go into details without a lot of investigation that I think is pointless but maybe someone else can be bothered.

Asobo recommend 50mbs for the best experience. To me that means that in high speed aircraft over dense areas you will suffer more if your bandwidth is low.

It doesn’t help to close your eyes to make something go away.

I have reported the loss of tree drawing distance with pictures before/after to Zendesk.

If you think the thread owner’s pictures are fake or not ultra: No, they are not fake. I was able to reproduce these shots at app. the same location.

Nope, I’m on 1gb and experience the same issues with LOD everyone describes. Honestly, it must just be me because I’ve got almost everything on Ultra and most things look clear as day. There are some isolated instances where a cloud will look grainy but the grainy effect was confirmed that it will be fixed with DX12. I’m actually loading in things a tad slower than patch #1 (it started in patch 2) but nothing has changed on that front with patch 3 for me.

Alot really alot of people did complain about way too many trees after launch and first two patches.

Cannot agree. Scenery is much improved in new patch. I have a 1 gbit connection. Might have impact, but I had this the whole time.

Are you kidding me ?
Where exactly did you see that ?

Iam on 1gb as well and servers are struggling before my server was always at 46ms now 90s

Denmark where I live. 2 hours flying yestoday evening slow and low in a cessna 172 revelling in new clarity and sharpness.
Also Tasmania, where I do alot of flying much better.
Japan scenery clearer, sharper, though from the king air no suited for low level flying.

Don’t think our download speeds are relevant to how the servers are performing. It could be a multitude of things - like changes made on their end.