Is London photogrammetry ever going to get fixed?

its been broken since release, everywhere looks bombed out, lots of LOD popping etc

the quality even when fully rendered in is a lot lower than many other cities in the game as well.


Well we recently had the first City update… So i think London might get updated at some point in the future…

Same as Oxford, Cambridge & Bristol. All used the same pretty terrible data source. Bad quality, bad LOD loading system, bad colouring etc. Jorg said they’d redo London (personally i did think it would’ve been done much sooner). When they do, hopefully it’ll be with a much better source that also vastly expands on the current small coverage area. Hope they do the same with those others mentioned.

The UK has the second highest player base so I’d imagine it’ll be sooner rather then later if they have the right data. That is a big ‘if’ though. Also need to take into account the large number of missing major cities & towns without PG in the UK, bucket loads of cool POI’s missing etc.

Only they know what data they have or when they plan to get some. I don’t mind places like Canada, South America & Africa taking priority & I’d also take a WU or CU for the Nordics as that update released with no PG weirdly.

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Don’t feel bad UK the USA looks like ■■■■ as well. I wish they would just put out updates for the countries when they have the information and not making us wait until a WU.

I’ve noticed at least a few cities that would look better with generic buildings than they do with photogrammetry. London is definitely one of them. I flew there once and didn’t like it enough to even finish the flight. Hopefully eventually they can get the data they need to improve it. I’d love to fly there once it has acceptable quality.

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That’s why I turn photogrammetry off and just rely on city landscape addons.

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use rolling cache for any pg. and map enhancement addon. first give to pc some room for download it for good. and second relax osobo servers that will not need to upload to your pc the map? in that situation your pc will take maps from… wherever… but msfs servers will give you clear and quality pg, that was better be with rolling cache. some time it(rolling cache) gives you artefacts, in that case just reload cache(del and create) if you got 64gb or more memory you can create rolling cache on ramdisk

The biggest problem in this game is the connection between the network and the server

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You can use rolling cache, no need server.

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confirm that. i ignore roll cache long time. with heavy pg scenery some time or even every time the cache helps. especially if you use fast aircraft and fly around there’s place

I did a flight above London this noon and was very pleased, building start to look better.
I had selected low end for a start on Lutton. The buildings looked great fps 30 locked on 50%
Though the eye of London still looked like an old dried out spiderweb.

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