Is mp down?

is mp down it seem after relogging exiting the game .that it appear no one is online even tho im in open mp and connected.

Came here to ask the same question. When I press Live Airport Activity it says the server is offline.

Yes it is down.

Seems to be down currently for me too, probably a short outage. Might be addressed on the forum/discord.

It’s been down for me for a week. It says I’m online but no marketplace and no friends. Zero live weather too. Reported to Zendesk.

Check your server status from the main menu. If it just says Automatic with little connection icon just spinning that is your problem.

Scroll down to the post check marked “Solution” in the following post. Go through that and my post just below it to correct the issue.

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You rock!!! Thank you thank you!!! That fixed it for me! XBox network settings. :slight_smile:

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I am in NW Florida and and a lot is “Down” right now due to Hurricane Sally…
Amazingly, power was out for a few hours but is back on. Doubt it will stay on more than a couple of hours. MP was functional earlier today when I checked out the Pensacola International Airport (KPNS).
There were lots of flyers around and I suspect they were trying to fly into the hurricane… Good luck with that. The weather right now is horrible. Wind gusts to 70 mph… a bit much for a 172…ha
I’ll check for MP after a bit if we still have power and internet connection.

Stay safe!!! See you on the other side :slight_smile:

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Rgr that… The wind and rain is ROARING !! but, we still have power. Needless to say, the wife is a bit anxious and I relax by checking the MSFS forums… I cannot believe we sill have power.

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Well stay safe, from Clearwater.

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