Is MSFS a game?


If I’m understanding your metaphor above correctly, you appear to be implying that MSFS2024 is removing the aspects of core simming you personally enjoy so that other features can be added and the product dramatically transformed into something altogether different designed to appeal to a different audience.

If that is actually your intention with this car metaphor, then you can rest easy because that is absolutely not the case. New features such as the Aviation Activities system are being added to MSFS2024, but that doesn’t imply that other functionality is being removed. In fact, just the opposite is happening – almost every component of MSFS (2020) is being upgraded and improved in MSFS2024 in addition to new features being added.

Here’s a direct quote from Seb at last year’s FSExpo presentation:

And so, we also have a lot of – we have a lot of requests on all the other systems. So I’m not gonna go into deep detail right now on all this, but we have the teams working on pretty much every system to make them better. And so, yeah. Quickly gonna [go] through them, but:

  • Electric, pneumatic, fuel, hydraulics.
  • Important we have a failure and wear and tear system. So planes get dirty and all that stuff.
  • Payload, passenger.
  • A lot of deeper and wider avionics packages.
  • Important, at the last, EFB: Cockpit tablet by default on all aircraft. That’s really cool.

And yeah, so in order to do all that, Jorg showed a team photo. Our team grew really big. We had a lot of specialists, pilots, and even an excellent aerodynamics engineer who worked on one of the best simulators there is out there. Andrey [Solomykin], who is going to help me more and more on all these systems. And so, yeah, we’re doing a lot of stuff and a lot of improvements in this new sim.



Seriously I don’t know what is the validity of this entire thread, it was posted many time, people can search on it, you will get all the same old post, why even post again. Why ever generated this type of post will simply lead to NOTHING.


This is the point. It’s the player who decides the rules they wish to play by.

What troubles me in this discussion is the sort of knee jerk reaction from som that game = trivial or bad. Perhaps if you just associate the word game with a certain kind of play.

But it’s well accepted that play is an essential part of human psychology and is present in nearly everything people do. It’s a big part of how we learn and understand about the world around us which doesn’t cease at childhood but carries on through all our lives.

The problem is that we find other words instead of ‘play’ and ‘game’ to mask the true nature of what we are doing because there is a certain stigma associated with them.

But as any student of game theory as pioneered by Von Neumann knows, games provide essential tools for understanding all sorts of scenarios and challenges and offer excellent training methodology.


this and other subjects regularly get repeated , it’s just people trolling at this point.


The community managers may create a forum Q&A page like the CoC page to stop repeated answered questions.

I don’t mind the frequency with which these threads appear. They give a chance for newcomers to express their opinions. Besides, I have the opportunity to not participate and move along, if I don’t approve of the subject matter.

The only time it becomes tiresome and boring is when a small minority chooses to weaponise the debate by attacking fellow simmers and their preferences.

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If it’s a game, how EXACTLY are you “gaming”?

But that doesn’t mean the certified trainer is any good. The flight school where I did my PPL has RedBird simulators that are certified flight training devices. I did some of my instrument time for my PPL in them. The flight model in that RedBird simulator S.U.C.K sucked! It was properly bad. MSFS’ steam gauge C172’s flight model is much better.

Good question.

The game this flight sim player likes to play is the ‘realism’ game. I’ll not repeat the rules of the ‘realism’ game as they were well set out by @SeedyL3205 in a post above. It’s probably what you might protest is ‘flight simulation’. Which it is, but it’s just one variant of the game.

If realism is the overarching set of rules for the game I like to play, I also like to add some subvariant games - the ‘economic’ game where I use 3rd party software to try to emulate the cost and constraints of operating aircraft. Or the ‘mission’ game where again there are specific tasks to be completed that require airmanship. Particularly good fun in the H145 with it’s mission generator.

I’ve also enjoyed the ‘social’ game of group flights on vatsim and the STOL game in Idaho and PNG.

Probably the most fun I’ve yet to have in the SIM was flying with other friends around southern Florida hopping from field to field in little 152s and generally dissing one anothers landings…I can’t think of a name for that game that won’t break forum rules.

So many different games to play!

Wish I had friends to do that with. I’ve done the big group flights, but it’s not really the same when you’ve got like 20ppl crowding into an airstrip while the group chat is going off on a tangent about some unrelated subject.

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Any time you like. Just let me know!

Its a way of life man✌️

It’s incredibly unlikely that any page, no matter how much relevant information it contained, would ever stop repeated questions being asked on the forums. People tend to find it easier to ask a question rather than find the information themselves.


Hehe thanks. The issue is timezone. I’m +12 GMT. So unless your Aussie or Kiwi then I’m probably online when you’re asleep :slight_smile:

there’s the bottom line, the truth , and the answer

right there.

What’s the answer?

asking the question ‘is this a sim or a game’ is easier than answering the question for yourself. I thought that was obvious

It was another failed attempt at humor… I was being a smart ■■■ by asking a repeated question rather finding the obvious answer written just above.

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I fall down the stairs in Escher’s drawings every time

…in other words - it takes me a minute to know when someone besides me is being funny


The answer is 42.