Is my performance normal according to my specs, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi everyone. At first I thought something was wrong with my PC but then I thought maybe it is just the way it is… Could you tell me if this is normal :

Using a cessna 172 without garmin on ULTRA settings

When taxiing or close to landing at big airports, (like Paris (LFPG) or KLAX) I’m only having 15-20 fps if the camera is steady, and it drops to 5-10 fps if I move the camera around. It gets me sick. With an airliner its sometimes even lower.

My PC specs :

  • RTX 3070
  • Ryzen 3900X (12C 24T @ 3.8 GHz)
  • 32 GB RAM @ 3200 MHz

Looks quite powerful to me…
Shouldn’t my fps be higher even in ULTRA ?

Thank you for your time.

Your system isn’t as powerful as you think, and probably would be considered in the mid-range for performance. Your performance is a bit on the low side, but you can optimize your settings to improve performance. Make sure terrain LOD is not at 400. That will hammer your CPU and quickly cause a bottleneck, resulting in very poor performance. With your CPU, I would limit the terrain LOD to 200 or below.

More info on your settings and resolution would be helpful. A common mistake people make is assuming their system is high end and can run Ultra settings. I would keep the global settings on high.

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I upgraded to the same CPU as you this weekend and I have a 6900XT installed. I was particularly curious about on ground performance and experimented a bit. It seems that on the ground at big airports, the main thread on the CPU is the big bottleneck especially when using 400 LOD. The more you scale the LOD back, the less that main thread is limiting. The CPU isn’t being fully utilized and all cores aren’t maxed, it’s just that the main thread is the bottleneck. LOD adjusting was the only way for me to increase the FPS on ground. I don’t really fly airliners, but I’d guess that a fly by wire Airbus or even the big Boeings add even more work for the CPU to do.

They really should change the Ultra setting to “Experimental”.

Try setting your resolution to 1080p and selecting the High-End preset. For me (i7 11gen 3080Ti), I also turn off Texture supersampling, Terrain Shadows, Contact Shadows, and Ambient Occlusion for even more performance boost. My 4k monitor runs at 60hz, so I set vsync to 100% in game with a Max Framerate cap of 59 in the Nvidia Control Panel. These are set and forget settings that work great everywhere.

That’s a small step up from my own system, just ignore anyone that tells you to turn stuff down.

In bios: SMT disabled, SVM disabled, PBO enabled.

In NVCP: Low Latency On, if you don’t have a 4k monitor create and apply a 3840x2160 custom desktop and turn image scaling on (sharpening 0-10).

In MSFS: TAA all ultra and push every slider to the right except renderscale to 85. Then switch to DLSS.

Test at KLAX, anything around 18-20fps and you are good to go, if not lower T- LOD until you are.

Then drop volumetric clouds to high.


Thank you all :pray: ! I’ll tweak a few things down then.

That sounds interesting! Do you suggest that because he’s running an RTX 3070 card?

I’ve been curious about using NVCP for custom resolution. But I have an RTX 2070 Super and a monitor that runs 2560x1440 native.

Yes. I have a 3060 and since DLSS I no longer plan for a 3080… I think it worth trying with your 2070

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LOL! Just ignore anyone who tells you to ignore anyone. :crazy_face:


Sorry about that … but time and time again I see folk crippling their own performance. MSFS runs best with GPU and the mainthread CPU core both at or close to 100% utilisation.

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No worries! I like to offer the easy path to happiness. You offered a more technical approach. The OP has choices!


Oh, I’m definitely gonna try it!:blush: I enjoy testing different options and trying to optimize settings. I don’t mind spending hours to tweak and fine-tune. There’s been a huge opportunity for that with the beta we’re in… DX12, DLSS, etc. Lots of options.

Do you suggest that I try the same settings/resolution that you listed above?

Then good luck … of course with you already having a 1440p monitor the visual improvement won’t be as spectacular as on my 32" HDTV (which really does look rubbish at 1080p) but you might be interested to know that for me the difference in performance between 1440p and 4k seems to be fairly minimal, certainly less than 5fps and probably nearer 2 under normal conditions (although that could be down to the 3060 so no promises).

And yes try them for sure - I’ve always maintained that best results are more easily achieved if you start high and work downwards.

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