Is On Air Company good when you fly GA aircraft?

The concept of on air carreer mode sounds fun but I prefere the nimble GA aircraft. I will transport less cargo and passengers as a result. Can I earn a reasonble amount of cash and exp like that? Or will it take forever to unlock anything. I will also do all flying myself(no AI pilots).

Any other career mode addon you would suggest for a GA pilot?

MS2020 is by far the best GA simulator ever, would be ideal sim for GA career mode :grinning:

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Its good. You get a weeks trial and a 172 G1000 for doing the first mission. Its all i’ve got you can make good money once you level up a bit and take the right jobs. GA has a place :slight_smile:

Look at Parallel42/ORBX. They are very passionate an about GA and have an app in the works.

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I just got a trial and Niall honesty I gave up on FSE.
The immersion, the UI and the gameplay is really a good addition the the sim.

use fseconomy

I am doing just the same. Flying GA-only in On Air. It is great fun. The “Thunder-World” might suit you best. No AI-Pilots possible and it has the most realistic settings. Try it out…

Just downloaded this to try it out… is it supposed to be slow as molasses and constantly giving me errors?

OnAir? Nope. Smooth as anything for me.

Restarting it made it work for me. I’m enjoying it so far, but when do I get the 172? I’m renting one right now and on my second mission flying cargo around some local airports. Thanks.

There is a tutorial at the start. Finish those missions and they give you the 172, its considered your plane.

You might need to look under pending jobs if you already by passed it.

FSEconomy for me.

Not paying a monthly subscription for an add-on. I’d do a one time fee for sure.

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Joined Thunder World, made several mistakes in the beginning but is going well now. You also discover many different aircraft and airfields in On Air. The Cessna 172 and Cirus sr22 worked well, the ultra shock was a disaster(I turned upside down after I touched down).

BTW can glass cockpit of Cirusn sr22 have something like the cesna 152 ILS, ILS of cesna 152 helps a lot with poorer visibility(and would be essential if it is foggy)