Is Orbx Paris worth it?

Just wondering. Now that France has been updated by Asobo, wondering if it’s worth it.


3rd party usually does a better job, is it worth it, depends how important it is for that user

While my review @KillerJackson82 listed above was written before the world update, I still definitely stand by what it says. Very worth it, and I can say the same about good landmark packages of any city that received a photogrammetry update.

Not only they look much better up close, but they do a great job in letting the city hold its recognizable skyline at medium and long distances where the photogrammetry starts to “melt.”

The same goes for London also by Orbx, and Tokyo by SamScene3D.

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No it’s not. I got the pack before the France world update was announced. I wish I didn’t buy it before.

Don’t get me wrong, it improves Paris, but not enough to spend money on anymore.