Is something wrong with my NAV Log?

Hi, Can someone please explain what’s happened to the NAV LOG on MSFS? The ETE is showing numbers such as 1’23". Is there meant to be a time there? The correct ETE is showing before I begin the flight. I don’t recall changing anything related to the NAV LOG.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I’m fairly certain that’s minutes (’) and seconds (").

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Yes it could be. I never thought about that. Has the ETE time been changed in an update? I don’t recall seeing it in that format.

I just ran an image search, and every Navlog I could find showed the ETE in that format. The TIMECLIMB, and TIMEAPPROACH are new though. On the map screen the uses to show as CRUISE, and DESCENT, and they were not exposed in the inflight Navlog, nor the GPS. Now they are.

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Thank you for the help.