Is SU10 even going to be worth it?

As with Sim Update 10:

  • Is the Live Weather going to be fixed/more accurate? I notice that sometimes it cuts off and the only way to get clouds back is to restart the sim.

  • Is the performance going to be improved or at least kept WITHOUT degrading the weather graphics anymore? Pre SU5 the clouds were very beautiful but post SU5 they are ugly, it has gotten better since then but it’s never been the same pre SU5. This is a shame now that we have high fidelity high altitude aircraft.

  • Is the CTDs issue mostly resolved? My biggest gripe would be for SU10 to introduce more CTDs as the sim at least on my end if pretty stable both performance & CTD wise.

  • Is the violent wind shifts at cruise going to be fixed? Nearly got into a dozen upsets over this. Not sure if this is gust simulation or what.

The thing about FS2020 is that it’s a cloud based sim so you have updates forced on you, now that would be dandy except when it introduces even more issues than it solves. I also heard some things with Xbox being the focus and I just don’t want this sim to be left in the dust from our hardcore simmers for casual fliers who will only play this for a few days or weeks.

I’ve been flying the Fenix A320 for the past 3+ months now, I haven’t touched any of my other sims (P3D and XP11) since then. Will I be able to enjoy my bus post SU10 without any hassle?

Just came across a thread of testers suggesting Asobo postpone SU10 release, if this is the case I’m not confident and frankly worried the sim will be broken after SU10.

Will Sim Update 10 be worth it? Will it fix more than it breaks?

You can probably enjoy that Fenix with weather radar as a result of SU10, so that is a resounding yes for me.

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SU10 will not have weather radar. I believe this still will not be possible. It has opened a few things but not yet possible.

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It will have terrain and weather radar. The reason you do not see it right now is because a lot of third party devs have not implemented it yet at all into their aircraft. I know PMDG is waiting until after the release of SU10 as they said that is when they will receive the updated SDK with the new tools. The same can most likely be said for other developers. Yes, Asobo say it is preliminary and that there will be more work done on it but that devs can now tap into the data to implement it in their products.


Another nice feature I’ve noticed is that multiplayer traffic will now show up in your TCAS. It may not seem like much but I found it to be a nice touch for immersion.


The weather has made great strides during this beta. It been pretty accurate for me.

Performance is also greatly enhanced.

I have not had a CTD since SU5

The wind is much better today then when SU10 beta started.

My Rig

Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
SanDisk SSD G5

Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 22H2
Installed on 4/‎26/‎2022
OS build 226.16.100
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.588.0

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super with 8g memory
Driver 516.59
G Sync Monitor: Dell 27 Gaming Monitor - S2721DGF
HP Reverb G2

Internet Speed
230.9 Mbps download
32.5 Mbps upload


VR performance is much better in SU10.


For the Fenix?

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Not sure about the Fenix, they’d probably have to implement it after SU10 releases, but I’ve noticed multiplayer traffic showing in TCAS in a few GA planes.

All in all, SU10 hasn’t blown me away or anything but DLSS has provided a modest fps boost under DX11. I can’t comment whether I’m seeing the level of fps drops others are reporting given I’ve locked my framerate to 37fps. I’ll leave that discussion to the dozens of other threads on it. No stuttering and no CTDs.

Supposedly weather is better but I honestly can’t tell after playing with it some more. Gusts are a welcome addition though I think some tuning is required to smooth them out a little, how much you get bumped around really does rely on the plane you fly so who knows.

I haven’t had any issues with any 3rd party stuff I’ve used so this one should hopefully be smooth sailing for 3rd party devs.

I think the devs overreached a bit here and have had to tone it back especially regarding DX12, all it all it’s kind of shaping up to be an unassuming but relatively solid update for me.

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So can you still use TAA you aren’t forced to use DLSS?

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You can use either one, DLSS or TAA.

DLSS gave me a little bit more fps, but also more blurriness to the text of instrument readings.
On airliners the instruments only can be read from shorter distance the with TAA.
DX12 drops performance a lot therefore I still use DX11.
Weather generation is better then before SU10.
I have more stuttering and tearing when panning my view then before SU10.
Multi monitor support is not working as it shout be. On a fixed horizontal view it looks good, but when panning up or down on cockpit view there is a big degrees of distortion on the side monitors.

Overall Asobo has still a lot to do before MSFS is a smooth working simulation.


In point 2 I have to agree with the thread creator. The clouds were never as beautiful as they were before SU5. Before SU5, there was nothing quite like flying above the clouds at sunset (in VR). After SU5 it didn’t blow my mind anymore…


I disagree with this. The sim itself is already very much a smooth working simulation. The issue I have with SU10 is that in order to gain the same smoothness as I’ve had before, I unfortunately need to scale back with some graphics settings, like TLOD. With SU9 I’ve had it set at 200 by default while doing airliner-flying, with SU10 I need to roll that back to 150 or even 100. And that is with 3080.

IIRC Fenix commented that it will and can not be implemented with the new “API” because it does not open up access to weather data but only to the already default Asobo weather radar data

But your 3080 gfx card won’t make any difference with the LOD settings, They are CPU dependent

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Yes I believe it will initially be just the bitmaps

I can add: no major ground physics made in SU10, so for me pretty much worthless.

You are a happy man, but more then 60% of the users disagree with you.