Is the a310 fps issue solved in SU11 beta?

This is the first time I do not participate in a beta, since I don’t have free time to beta test right now, but I would like to know if the fps issue derived from WASMN (was that the name?) Is solved

Some people seem to think so? I’m on the beta with 10900k 3090 and FPS are still much worse than fenix / pmdg. inibuilds make some nicely detailed products but they don’t seem to be able to optimize their products very well- case in point KLAX.

The FPS are a little lower than in the 737 but it‘s smoother than the PMDG on my system so the FPS are only noticable if I look around quickly. Don‘t know however how it was before.

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For me FPS are back to normal in the beta.

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I see, if I understand correctly they are better than before yet not as good as in the Fenix and PMDG’s. Well, that is enough for me, as long as I get 10 extra fps I can reach 30.

EGLL as well had to be optimized after the first release.

Will updates be available in the Content Manager, or do we have to wait for the new SU for bug-fixes?

About 5fps overall improvement for beta 1.29.29 over the public release. However todays beta 1.29.30 has no difference over the previous beta in performance aspect.

I guess this will depende a lot on the hardware each of us has, thanks for the insight.