Is the Albert Hall really just depicted as an ugly circular concrete bunker?

I am using the Steam version of the game and have installed and activated the UK update (I know because I can now see the millenium wheel and Buckingham palace in London.

However I have my suspicions something isn’t right because the Albert Hall is showing as an ugly 2 storey concrete circular building not the iconic red brick masterpiece Londoners know and love!! Is this what everyone else is seeing? If so I find it hard to believe Asobo missed such a fanous landmark. I am sure that I have seen people posting screenshots with a beautifully rendered Albert Hall but are they running the Orbx scenery for London???

I’m running high detail settings on Alienware Aurora R6 bwith I7-7700 and a Radeon RX6800XT with 32GB RAM… I have no add-on scenery.

What settings could cause this and what is the solution?

Grateful for any help.


Yep, it is. Asobo’s choices of landmarks to render was…interesting. If they focused on making better flight models, ATC, and IFR systems, I’d forgive their lapses in scenery, but they seem to be trying to split their time and thus not really living up to the expectations they set for themselves in either realm. Honestly, a place like Buckingham Palace shouldn’t have had to be fixed with a scenery update months after the release, but alas, that’s what it took for one of the most iconic buildings in the world to be rendered as something other than a generic 2 story office block. FSX even had it!