Is the boxed version the way to go

Will buying the boxed version solve a lot of bug issues?

I haven’t heard of successful installs from the boxed version ?

I do not believe so. Why should it? The boxed version is most likely the same as the one that was released in August.
The newer bugs came with the updates and you cannot play without the updates in any case.

Just trying to find any other solutions . Why don’t they just fix it! instead of throwing all these updates at us? Get it working first don’t you think? Thanks for the reply

I understand what you mean, but it normally does not work that way. I am reasonably sure the Japan update has been in development since long before the release of the sim.
Also most likely the team working on bug fixing is a completely different one with different skillsets that the content developmeners.
So be patient or play something else until the next update comes along. A watched pot never boils and all that :slight_smile:

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