Is "the community" toxic?

Nope. I used it in a previous thread. I expect I’ll be using it again sometime.


Thats cool :+1: :rofl: I am hurt

I think the “simmers vs gamers” debate is a bit overplayed… many people start as gamers and become simmers and vice versa. I rarely follow the book when flying in the sim, I just want to check out new places and have fun. The simmers that don’t let lose and fly under bridges every now and then are missing out :grin:

For those that want to follow the book though, MSFS is great as a training aide, especially for new pilots. I would guess FS cut my training time by 10-15hrs. Even the crude graphics of FS2k4 helped immensely with my first cross-country solo back in the day. For the real life heavy pilots it may be a bit of a letdown, but I have no doubt we’ll get there in time.

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The irony is that these simulator forums are an excellent reflection of real life.
Sadly this is not going to change.

Yea I think it is pretty silly to be saying the sim is getting dumbed down for XBOX. The XBOX is in its own right, a pretty powerful machine. Not like you would be comparing it to a gtx 1060 and jaguar cores…

Dumbed down is not the right term, but it will have a controller-friendly UI and shortcuts, with gameplay tailored around 3rd person flying.

How do you want to dial in a frequency on your radio with just a controller or select a SID/STAR on the MCDU of an airliner? I am sure you can connect a mouse and keyboard to the console or even a HOTAS, but the majority of players will likely shy away from that.

Thus I am eager to see what solutions are being offered by Asobo to handle the more complex operations of flying an airplane on the console.

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When most people say dumbed down they are referring to the graphics.

The TBM is a really nice airplane. It’s the only turbine I fly… :slight_smile:

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Are you sure? That’s not how I understand it.

I mean, how can you “dumb down” graphics? You can turn them down or decrease visual quality, but dumb them down? That sounds like something only a non-native speaker would say in relation to graphical fidelity.

At least I would hope so, because the semantics just don’t make sense to me. Then again, I am a non-native speaker so I leave it up to you guys to make sense of it.

It really is.

I am half glad and half mad that they did not model the TBM 940. I would have loved the auto thrust, but then I would hand-fly the thing even less.

So it’s actually a good thing that they make us work for it with the 930, just like the CRJ. :slight_smile:

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If you like the TBMs, this is fun to watch

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I am subbed to S1K. Not missing any of his videos. That 940 looks sharp!

Too bad they mostly let him fly the run down 850 with gremlins in the avionics and generator. It’s a 2006 build from what I gathered online. Perfectly young airplane, but give that man an upgrade already! :grin:

Well, your MSFS is in a “Sand Box” !! :sunglasses:


:+1: dont even know what that means

yes, don’t call MSFS a game, please. Remember the huge article I once wrote to you as a counter-offensive argument when you called it a game? :smiley:

Actually I’ve done further research since then and you are right: MSFS right now is a video game.

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That might be the case for a few people here, but it’s not the generally accepted definition that I know.

It is usually associated with certain gameplay features being simplified to benefit a broader user base. “Streamlining” is also used in this context.

For example, the superlative Deus Ex, winner of award after award, and often cited as one of the best games ever made. It’s sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War, did away with a lot of the things that made the first game great, one feature that replaced earlier mechanics was called “unified ammo”, so no choosing what ammo type you want to carry around. They also did away with the inventory tetris, again another mechanic of the original which made you choose your load out carefully.

The reason for these changes? DE:IW was a multi platform release, and the interface had to be redesigned to work with a controller.

A confused player is an angry player, and quickly they stop being a player at all. If your game happens to have a storefront embedded, then that will affect your revenue stream. So in some misguided attempt to keep everyone happy, you end up keeping no one happy.


There a few loud people with strong opinions. I think most of us try to get the best out of the sim as possible. For example, I’ve met a lot of very nice bush simmers over the last months. Having a lot of fun in multiplayer together

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I do remember and I think was also a bit offensive in your direction in a way, which I am sorry about. :innocent:

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When it comes to the world of PC games in general I have always found a couple of common ties between ALL game related forums. Players that own a particular game and are lucky enough to have an overall good experience in them typically are not starting a fresh thread to share that good experience with everyone else. That would be the exception rather than the rule as I see it.

On the other hand people that ARE having issues with a game generally start a thread about it. Their looking for answers or venting about the issue which is what you would expect. As for MSFS, I have to put myself in the first category for the most part. I have seen glitches but mostly I have a good experience with it.

When we do respond to a thread by someone who is having issues, we may not always respond in a way that shows much sympathy to their plight ( I have been guilty of that ) . They may also take some of what we say the wrong way or mis-understand because their already frustrated by the issue. That’s where things tend to devolve into a schoolyard style argument ( again guilty, and throw myself on the mercy of the court ) and away we go until we get locked, banned, or just run out ways to make a point.

It’s hard to determine in a forum setting whether a game issue is on the developer side of things or on the users side. The answer falls in the middle somewhere, to me anyway. The developer has to figure out their side of a problem for sure, and I think for the most part they are trying. They have a lot riding on the future of the platform and their reputation is at stake. We are still in the early stages at around the 8 month mark.

Us users have a large responsibility too though. What kind of PC build do we have? How old is it? What else do we have installed on it? Not just from a games stand point. What programs and apps are installed? How much bloatware is on it? How is the internet service? Do we know for sure if the system is free of adware, malware, viruses? The list goes on and on. Don’t think that these things would have no bearing on how a game should perform because they can and do.

After all that blather, yes, the forums are toxic at times. They always will be. That’s what they have moderators for.

Nothing I claimed to have agreed with but there certainly is a group of people here that do claim graphics are being dumbed down for XBOX.

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