Is the forum header image accurate?

I see an ocean similar to Big Sur California with sea state 3 or 4 waves in the picture at the right side. That sea state dissapeared from my game last year about June. Then we got an update that removed the nice ocean. Why is that sea state still a obvious feature?
Does anyone see a sea state like the picture in the game?

Have you tried adjusting winds? It could be that photo was taken with some winds (either live weather or manually adjusted).

Yes, I saw the sea state similar to that last night while flying over the ocean from Boston to DC.

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Thank you all. Seriously! I was setting my winds from the World Map Flight Conditions. But from what was said here I started checking on the winds when I was flying. Those settings were/are not getting into my flight. I actually have had 4kts wind in probably every flight I have had.
I used the inflight menu, cloud icon, prior to take off and set 50kts. That worked and the sea looks great. I don’t fly much and just never questioned the settings in the flight setup.

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