Is the H145 Airbus Helo unusually small next to these other Jets on the carrier in the video?

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Mod maker here.

The SU33 model is about just under a metre too long. I’ve tweaked it for the next update. Other than that everything else should be in scale.

The H145 is pretty compact.


I might need help. I see some feedback posts from you on some of my pictures, but I am at a loss of knowing if I am supposed to act and do something. Am I doing something wrong?
These type of modified posts are knew to me so I might need some direction and I’ll take it from there.
Thanks, Mike

It just looked like those jets were double my size, and I thought how can that be…lol. Thanks for your response!

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No worries! Any topics about addons that were not made by Microsoft or Asobo get discussed in the Third Party Addon Discussion category. The H145 helicopter was made by Hype Performance Group, so I moved your topic from General Discussion into the Third Party Addon Discussion category, in the Aircraft subcategory. No further action required – you can keep discussing everything in here.

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It always blows my mind how huge most fighters are up close, let alone bombers.

I remember reading an F-14 pilot recalling being told to be mindful that his plane was the size of a tennis court.


Fighter jets are huge.


And then among huge fighters, there are really huge fighters… :slight_smile: