Is the Marketplace down?

The Marketplace button in the sim is greyed out. Anything going on?

I was just having a look around the market place a minute ago and it all crashed, CTD.

Normal, Server is down.

Hmmm…I checked the Xbox status site and all the services are up

I think the xbox servers are okay, it’s the main MS game server(s). I’m not signed in (top right on Welcome screen - no avatar) and no option to change servers. UK so probably Western Europe server.

MS definitely having a bad time this week!

Ya I was able to sign in and my gamer tag appears at the top rignt of the Welcome screen, just no Marketplace

I’m currently in the marketplace, no issue so far, it has just been updated
Seems like not everyone hits this issue

It is up. 5:37 EST USA

No “Checking For Updates” screen either. 22.43 (UK)

Testing here in Toronto Canada, and I can boot the sim. I have the check for update & the marketplace works

East Coast of Australia, No avatar, no marketplace, No weather, No update screen. 0850 Brisbane time.

Straight in as usual, status online and West Europe server connected at 33ms. Store loaded fine

Here from Italy the same…No avatar, no marketplace, No weather, No update screen.

The marketplace addons were updated today instead of yesterday while the outages were ongoing. It could be that during the update the servers experienced a bit of downtime - they’re back up now.

No autogen here !

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Yep, still down on my end and also noticed the other items that were mentioned (avatar, live weather, players and traffic) are greyed out also. So basically the Xbox service status page is lying

Probably takes some time to propagate through all of the servers. Try again in 10 minutes. :slight_smile:

Found my issue. Something caused my Online Functionality setting to turn off in Options > General > Data. Must’ve had something to do with the outage yesterday because I never turned it off. Once I turned it back on, everything is back up. If anyone is still having the issue, check that setting.

Well I spoke too soon. Still not fixed. After a few minutes I get a message saying my packages are out of date, and in order to get the necessary updates and go online I will be returned to the sign-in screen. When asked if I want to continue, If I choose Yes, It loops me to the Press and Key to Start screen and keeps returning to it after I press a key. If I choose No, it just disables my Marketplace and online services again.

…and a reboot fixed that. Fingers and toes crossed that is stays fixed.

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