Is the new CRJ worth it

Hi all
I’m thinking of getting the new Aerosoft crj the weekend but want to know your views
Looked at YouTube videos on it and yeah it looks ok but is it worth getting it or worth the wait compared to modded aircraft about now
I’m a person who likes realism and nothing to date compares pudgy 737 on fsx for realism. My opinion
Does the crj cut it yet?
So comparing now to say the modded a320 neo fly by wire as it’s come along way since MSFS first launch to the crj or say Cessna longitude mod is the crj worth it. The fly by wire looks great and the team modding it is slowly getting it up to scratch especially as it’s free but the crj is like €40 so is it worth the buy?
I don’t want to get it and these modded planes now are as good in quality and realism compared to pay ware.
Just like to hear your views on it if you purchased the crj

Many thanks

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I have no complaints whatsoever. You’ll be busy flying it though. It’s light in the wind for sure, but all the videos I see on YT also show RW pilots working the yoke like crazy on approach and final too.

Sounds are good- Autopilot is okay. Didn’t see that ridiculous icing effect, so that’s a huge bonus. Once you get familiar with the cockpit and EFB, it’s pretty intuitive. Checklists aren’t that long- most systems are automated.

Nice bird- I’m definitely going to be putting in a lot of hours in it.


I have not purchased the CRJ so can’t give you any opinion there, but in case you haven’t checked out the WT CJ4 yet - I’d highly recommend it. Free, highly enjoyable, and just works.


If you want a regional airliner that doesn’t hold your hand and is something approaching what some people may term “study level” then yes it’s worth it. It’s not PMDG level of detail and modeling of systems, but it is at least as in depth as the FBW a320. I would argue it’s more of a challenge than the a320 due to less systems automation inherent to the Airbus itself.

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If you like flying commercial airliners and are getting tired of flying the A32NX every time, then yes, it’s definitely nice to have for some variation. It’s also an interesting challenge compared to the Airbus because it doesn’t have an auto throttle.


For first. I apologize very strongly for the quality of the language. I am not a native speaker and use Google translator services.

Let me tell you what you have to face.

You can read about the pros and Wow everywhere and watch the streams.

Let’s talk about the cons.

  • Control. This is a huge problem. Forget half of your bindings, because it requires a personalized approach to button assignments. Flaps will not work on the axle. Reverse on the button - forget it. Switch on external / internal lights on the button - forget it. If you use SLC - forget about doors (MSFS has excellent logic for working with doors, but Aerosoft went its own way). Other tool handles - for the most part, will not work with the standard bind configuration.
    And all would be fine, but the linking of the control profile to the aircraft has not yet been implemented in the sim. There is even a forum thread in wishlists or bugs.
  • Sounds. The sounds are poorly done. Some lag, some don’t sound. Additionally, the strong sound of the wind in the cockpit at the flight level is terribly annoying.
  • Animation. Hello 2010. Forget about fluid animations. Switches have the properties of quanta and instantly change their state.
  • Modeling. Some of the objects (knobs and switches) give the impression that they are poorly centered. When animating, it looks like curves. The plane itself. In 2021, a little more polygons could have been added. Not strong, but angular fillets ?? Seriously?
  • Optimization. The company just scored on the creation of LOD models that would reduce the load on your equipment. Indeed, why. The model is already low-poly =)
    In addition, the initial load of 10 minutes is simply killing. What is he doing there? Why don’t more complex planes load like this?
  • Minor bugs and shortcomings. There are also very, very many of them. For example, be prepared that when you click on a switch, it only works in one direction. Aerosoft says that the problem is in the SDK / Sim, that you cannot use the right button. But this is not the case. The right button works and you can make an intuitive switch too. In general, their position is strange to blame everything on the SDK, in fact, many things are simply not thought out.

Well, the most important thing for me. Aerosoft has banned changes to their files and the creation of mods based on them. Some thing’s i can fix by myself.

A product is truly considered to be of high quality if it does not evoke the desire to modify it.

My conclusion. You can buy and fly. If you are willing to accept problems. And sometimes it’s even comfortable. But this is my last purchase of products from this company.


Thanks for all your replies

I do get there’s probably going to be a few problems with it as it’s new but are you saying then that my bravo quadrant won’t work with it

Hi mixMugz
Thank you for detailed review. It’s refreshing to read an assessment that does not sound like blind love to me or make me ask myself if someone is getting paid to schill the product to increase sales revenue.

I suppose Aerosoft will fix certain things in the short-term to keep sales going and expect that they will reduce the price substantially some time this year, despite what some say, to exploit the huge market compared to previous sim markets after they have cashed-in from customer willing to pay the higher price.
At $20-30, its easier to accept the blemishes.

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Well, first of all, I do not believe that they will fix minor, but important defects in the next six months or a year. Critical is possible. But judging by the reviews of their products in P3D, I don’t think there will be any changes.
Secondly, the main income is the first month of sales. There is no further incentive to bring to mind. Digital distribution, unfortunately at this point in time, weakly protects the rights of the buyer. If you bought a product of inadequate quality, it is very difficult for you to return the money later (if more than 48 hours have passed). There are no demos at the present time either. You can only judge the quality of the product by the reviews of bloggers and streamers, who, in fact, are also corrupt comrades.

To be honest, $5 is to much for a low-quality product. I love to enjoy the product I bought, not to experience the inconvenience and suffering.

Thank you for responding. I cannot disagree with anything you add because you are essentially saying what I would have said if I had a thicker steel helmet.

That paints a very negative picture. I had Aerosoft always put down as a developer with high quality aircraft. Do you say this isn’t so?

Firstly, we are not talking about a company, but about a specific product.
It already depends on the point of view and personal assessment of what quality is.
From my point of view, if a released product causes problems with its use, it is not a quality product.

Secondly, with all my great respect for Aerosoft, I am somewhat disappointed with the quality of the CRJ aircraft.


Aerosoft is an excellent developer. I have purchased many aircraft from them and while all initial releases have issues, they always get them fixed. This is true of the CRJ. It works for the vast majority of people but there are a few issues that will be addressed soon. Aerosoft are a mid-market developer ($50 aircraft) as opposed to low-market ($25) and high-market ($80-100+). Value is sim addons is highly subjective. For me, the CRJ is indeed worth $50. I will fly it many times. And it will only get better as new versions are released.

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The thing we should all appreciate is that the sim SDK is still a work in progress. Kudos to Aerosoft for working hard to overcome the current SDK limitations are release a complex addon. My guess is we won’t see anything from PMDG, A2A or Majestic for a while.

Flew it after following ‘The Dude’s’ YouTube videos. Great regional airliner. Feels more realistic than either than A320 or 787. However, I’ve been having autopilot issues of late, as the autopiloton the CRJ 550 no longer engages. A bit frustrating as this is a great airliner to learn and fly. Hopefully I find a way to resolve this issue soon. I also used to have autopilot issues with the A320 and 787 when MSFS 2000 was initially released. A few updates solved the problem.

My Yaw Dampers were off. That was why I couldn’t engage autopilot. Problem solved!

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Having been involved in the beta (and currently testing post-release updates), I cannot disagree more. Several issues being mentioned in the forums are already resolved.


Glad to hear. Perhaps I spoke strongly emotionally. =)

I’ve been known to do that! Just optimistic about some of the improvements. Good time for the sim hobby, for sure.

I’m using a bravo throttle quadrant with it, and it works properly (the levers, gears, speedbrakes, flaps, reversers and such, I don’t use the buttons/switches at this point).
There are good tutorials on how to configure it.