Is the passenger view broken?

I can not move with the arrow buttons trought the cockpit walls in the passanger room for some time. Is there a trick or its broken?

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Same to me, since SU7 I can’t go out the cockpit on VR and unable to save pass anger views on VR. There is some workaround for that or passanger views presets?

@OldSchool1231 @JMLINARES Is this why when i bind a switch on my Bravo to a ‘showcase’ wingview while in VR it does not work???

Prior to these updates were you able to him a key and snap to an internal passenger view? Or did you move the camera out of the cockpit, line it up, and then save it as a custom view (Ctrl+Alt+1 for example) then loading a custom view (Alt+1) would work?

Thanks in advance.

The second one, but since SU7 in VR I can’t leave the cockpit and obvioulsly can’t set up my customized cameras with CTRL+ALT+#, the only solution for me is to look camera views files in the web like, and once installed edit the views.

I don’t understand.

“Look camera views files in the web?”

Are you downloading custom views and then binding that to a button???