Is There A Better Way To Check In-Sim WX?

I prefer IFR flying so I check RL wx using a few sources–AccuWx, Ventusky wx, and wx built in to Windows. However, even tho I use Real wx in the sim there is frequently a difference in the wx when I get into it. So, I take the following steps—enter the sim, select a destinaion on the World Map, select Fly. Once in the cockpit open VFR map, type in various destinations in the VFR map search bar and check their wx. Esc to the Main Menu, enter World Map and plan my flight.
Obviously this is cumbersome and time consuming. Is there a better way to check in-sim wx?

As Live Weather is fed in from Meteoblue, I tend to use the data here: Weather Maps | Live Satellite & Weather Radar - meteoblue

Cool. Good find. Thanks.

This game’s ‘Live Weather’ is anything but live. They should have called it ‘Dynamic Weather Based on a Prediction Model’ .

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