Is there a bug-free bush trip?

I want to enjoy a bush flight but not get stuck when a leg does not complete. Has anyone recently (last week or two) completed a bug-free bush trip that they would recommend? No, this is serious, not sarcasm.

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It looks like there are some general bugs affecting all bush trips - both default and third party. You could possibly battle your way through some of them until you hit a bug, but that might ruin all of your progress up to that point. Also, if Asobo do a bugfix, that may also possibly ruin any progress you have made - with the only solution being to delete your save and start again.

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I agree with the OP, I’m stuck in the third official bush trip now. I bought FS Academy’s “Voyager” package a while ago and focus on progressing there for now.

Since SU6 it’s not possible to trigger leg’s ends in bush trips. Any bush trip.
Xbox and PC. Period.Sad.

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Hold off on any bush trips as they are truly broken at the moment.

Please vote this thread up in the meantime
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I like alot of what Asobo do BUT I’m absolutely frustrated by the broken Bush Trips due to SU6 (deleted most of my “broken” saves in frustration).

They’ve become key part of my twice weekly co-op game sessions with my son for the last 12 months, replacing DCS for the most part.

If Asobo want to kill off casual multi-player, they are going the right way about it.

Are Bush Trips going the same way as “SPOTLIGHT events”, is there to be a hot fix, what happen to the internal beta testing that should have picked this up, should I really buy the Reno Deluxe Pack, when the next sim update could make it effectively unsupported/bugged?


I wonder too. What is their purpose?

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Also when you install the G1000 Nxi, the flight plan disappear in bush-trips… And the issue is that if you are using the plain / legacy G1000, it is broken with the altitude in autopilot (beechcraft bonanza). So many problems reported and not fixed. They should concentrate on stabilizing the current release rather than adding new planes / new features etc that can be done by third parties. I hope for an hot-fix for the master alarm, auto-pilot and bush-trips.


flight plans in bush trips disappear with any plane or glas cockpit type. After the first leg or playing with the g1000, they are gone.

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