Is there a developer Q & A today?

I’m sure I saw last week a thread saying a developer A &A would be live on Twitch following the release of SU6 but I can’t find anything on Twitch.

Does anybody know if/when it is and has a link for it please?

It’s tomorrow:
[READ FIRST] Dev Q&A Guidelines Oct. 20th - Community / Dev Q&A: October In Review - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Thanks, but when I click that link it takes me to a post for the last Q & A 12 days ago?

Strange, not for me! Anyways, it starts 19:30 CEST

You can also find their schedule on Twitch:
MSFSofficial’s Schedule - Twitch

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Thanks, that schedule works. I was sure it was today and have been waiting the last 40 minutes!

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