Is there a gallery for packages?

Hi, I’m new to scenery development. I’d like to use as much of fs-base as I can so that people don’t have to download other dependencies. One issue I’m having is knowing what all my options are for placing objects into a scenery. Does fs-base have a gallery I can reference?

At the moment I keep scrolling, clicking, deleting, [rinse-and-repeat].

That’s the only way. Takes ages to find anything!

Suppose you could make 1 kind of library scene, spend the time to put one of everything down and use that to refer to but doesn’t really help coz you’ll have to keep switching scenes and positions.

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I seriously considered that. Wanted to see if a gallery exists. If not then that’s probably what I’m going to do.

I thought about just making a Google sheet with the filename and a screenshot of each object (at least the useful ones) to refer to so don’t have to load a scene to find what I need but too lazy to do it so far.

I also posted my question in Discord and was fortunate enough to get a response that lead me to this download. It’s exactly what I wanted, but it’s not perfect. What it has shown me is that this “gallery” doesn’t exist… well at least not from the dev team.

I downloaded the PDF’s and used it to reference some work I was doing. It went great! Very helpful in finding assets. It was filled with a mix of base and third-party assets so I’m thinking of doing one with just base assets.


Awesome!! Great find! Thanks a lot for sharing here :wink:

It’s pretty old, though. It’s good for fs-base, though, which hasn’t changed.
There’s tons of objects in the Asobo and Microsoft airports and sceneries though, that get added to all the time. The issue with them, however, is that not everybody loads all the WU’s and CU’s.

I go through and screen shot objects as I search to create my own “gallery”.

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