Is there a hotfix coming for SU7?

The basic problem is that there are two sorts of updates.

One sort is used to fix issues and add missing features to make the system better. This includes hotfix releases.

The other sort is used to add features that you have to buy (for example silly race games), or to allow selling the product to a wider market sector (such as Xbox versions).

The former sort can be released when they are ready, but the latter sort rely on marketing and sales campaigns being synchronised, so there’s a lot of pressure to release on a date even if it’s not really ready.

OK, there’s a third sort: a mix of the first two. Probably the worst of all options, but that’s clearly what SU7 was.

I’m hoping that SU8 and any intervening hotfixes won’t have any commercial benefit apart from delivering a better, more reliable product . That way they can be properly tested and not released before they’re ready.


I experienced the same at first. I expect you have conflicting hardware such as a yoke and joystick connected.
Make a new profile for each with the control surfaces deleted and name the profile ending with OFF.
Now only use one with the other switched off.
This worked for me.

A) you dont have to buy the reno version, no one is making you do anything of the sort, as a customer that is your choice, I deleted all that was on offer as it waisted my hard drive .

B) I have top range pc however this Sim should be for everyone, X Box brings a lot of revenue which is good for us, and everyone.

I personally dont think it would survive without it. One day they could pull the plug on the servers…subscription.

(I class myself as a hardcore simmer) however we need to welcome people, its the future.

Like I say I use other platforms and enjoy them both, but I do love this Sim as well.

I am not defending Asobo, believe me, I have had and will have issues, definitely NOT going to say “Thank you” I am the customer.

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It actually IS a game. It’s called “You Bet Your License”!

Yes, the “unflyable” word has been tossed around a lot since MSFS was released. A plane shouldn’t be unflyable unless you literally cannot taxi, take off, maintain flight, and land. Otherwise, it’s flyable but has issues.

It’s like the settings being reset. I hate it, but I’m not demanding a hotfix.

I don’t know about TrackIR but from the consistency of complaints, it seems like that may deserve a hotfix though. For other issues such as weather, don’t hold your breath.


Remember the end of July when the great su5 was released and that hot fix that required a hot fix to fix the hot fix that didn’t fix the hot fix…


Apart from the frequent crashes I don’t see many problems - this update was smoother than expected. CTDs remain the prime issue, on Xbox at least. Otherwise I do think the sim is going in the right direction.

There is no hotfix announced. Sim Update 8 will arrive at the end of February, it will contain bugfixes, hopefully more solutions to CTDs as well.

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definetely also a fix for the freeze when changing views using a joystick!


My comment was based on the original statement that ALL simulators are games. I never said MSFS was not a game. If you think professional pilots are trained on games than crack on!

They are not used as games but you can use them as a game. Why not? If you can afford one and put it in your (very big) living room you can consider it a game if you’re not going to use it professionally.


Keep filing these bugs to Zendesk. Then give them a little time to review the data needed for a Hotfix.
Demanding a Hotfix this soon is a little premature.

If only there was a beta test we wouldn’t have had to deal with this.


It would appear we are the Beta Test. :rofl:


Planes are unflyable because you cannot taxi and take off.
When you apply and hold full rudder, rudder initially deflects but then returns to centre even though you are still holding full rudder. This occurs on all planes using various different controllers eg logitech X56 HOTAS, X-Box controller, PS4 controller & keyboard.
ALL assists are turned off.

Flaps & throttle were also going crazy after SU7, but that was fixed by turning the assists off which had been enabled by default in SU7. However, nothing is fixing the rudder issue

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Where can I buy a ticket to watch you to tell the folks who fly at Reno (and in the Red Bull Air Races) that they fly in “silly races” ? :grin:


thats an assignment issue, you need to check all of those.


I’d wager that the sim is on a lot of peoples wishlist for the Christmas season, especially now it’s open to the console market.

Hopefully there’s an update before then because I can picture a lot of disappointed new players wondering what’s going on with the state things are at the moment.

Nothing wrong with assignments.

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Mine too! No fun here!

Cute response, but when everything was working quite well prior to the update and now because simple controls like a mouse are borked (after you restarted the game, repaired the game, taken everything out of community folder, restarted the computer, attempted to look for new update to fix these issues), which literally renders flying any aircraft impossible, it isn’t the end user’s system. They f(*&ed thi supdate up big time. You sound like a shill for these guys. Stop it. Have some respect for yourself.