Is there a hotfix coming for SU7?

In conference before SU7 they said they will focus on bugs only for the next month… so probably some fixes before christmas, will see…and hope



Was just about to post the same thing. There’s a pattern that we can now recognize - broken updates are the ones that happen simultaneously with big commercial releases. SU5 was the Xbox release. SU7 is GOTY and Reno.

Which makes me thing that we shouldn’t blame Asobo, we should blame Microsoft. It’s not hard to imagine the in-house dialogue:

Asobo: “But it’s not ready, [major feature] is broken, we need more time.”

Microsoft: “Sorry, the revenue projections are baked in. It moves now - no delays, no options, no excuses.”

Speaking of options - it would be nice if we had the option to defer updates, or to roll back, the same way as it works with Windows.

But we don’t, so here we are, not flying.

Thanks, corporate!


What issues do you have exactly @PilotJason2437 ?
I experience very very odd rudder behaviour on my end.
SU7 is really a mess. Very very disappointing.

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Well blame Joerg Neumann then. He is the head of this mess. He might be a nice guy. But I don’t think he is a good producer.
With pretty much every update, they break the sim. It’s unbelievable.


You can’t, because they want to play their silly games. None of my business. But that doesn’t mean they’re not silly, IRL or in a sim.

You’re assuming Neumann - or Asobo as a whole - is in control. They’re not. That’s my point. Microsoft’s commercial priorities are what’s driving the agenda. The suits and the financial projections are in charge. When it comes down to it, the Asobo crew can work to that schedule or they can resign. Past a certain point of debate, it becomes non-negotiable.


I agree with EHAMPCpilot.

  1. In-game ATC is not working properly; there is no Ground, no Tower, no ATIS, no departure …
  2. In-game AI traffic seems not to be working correctly anymore.
    So why should I consider this update as “Game of the Year” ?

I agree with that 100%

ATC has never worked, however it has never been good in any platform…Solution Vatsim or payware…sadly.

AI traffic has also never really worked, sadly again solution is 3rd party. (Again with any sim platform)

Is this acceptable…absolutely not, I have gone through the proper process of bugs through zendesk…its in Asobo hands. Asobo promised all this on release.

I am not in the queue for Q & A listening how passionate the team are…ok. We are just customers and a number, if anyone thinks different, then its delusion of grandeur.

Thats why I am not in the “Thank you, well done Asobo gang” but also not in the “unplayable gang”.

Sadly this is Simming, and there are choices out there play or dont play, whichever platform you prefer and with what you got.

Conclusion this is the best Sim out there for visuals and GA…it is the best.

If there was competition out there, then things would change dramatically. Competition is healthy.

I would support all official bugs such as VR even though I am not a VR user, because this Sim should be for everyone to enjoy, to low spec, high spec and X-box.

If people have real issues with the Sim then they should post their issues in a more elaborate way rather than “its unplayable, going back to…” Maybe I am wrong but as a forum we should help each other, to come up with a solution.


I hope they fix the mouse problem as soon as possible,This is a stupid BUG.


Can you give a bit more detail as to what your issues are? I have no issues fkyign any plane. Sounds ike the flight model might have got reset to Legacy rather the Modern (always use Modern).


If you have a Navigraph subscription, try uninstalling it and reinstalling it using the Navigraph Navdata Center updater. Reading other reports of this fixing missing ATC.

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For what?
10 characters

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yes you can’t land at all without waiting 5 seconds between these awful stutters. as soon as it was decently smooth, this ■■■■ happens. and landing is most important for smoothness or you can’t land

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Yes, if you remove the Navigraph folders fr community and don’t put them back you get no ATC options. I found that out back around SU4

Funny boy, I had the same issues that your posting as bugs, and all mine were simply changing my contols/assists/ and deleteing the non-default mouse that just showed up. And you know what I deleted the F/A 18 and reinstalled it and it reset all those things yet another time. But whatever.


As stated earlier:

When you apply and hold full rudder, rudder initially deflects but then returns to centre even though you are still holding full rudder. This occurs on all planes using various different controllers eg logitech X56 HOTAS, X-Box controller, PS4 controller & keyboard.
ALL assists are turned off.

Oh, and flight model is set to modern as it always has been.


And if you just move the folders from the community folder you can break the in-sim navdata and after an update adding back the Navigraph data doesn’t fix that so you end up with no navdata.

Best to always uninstall and reinstall with the Navigraph software (and takes seconds)


Some ideas in this thread:

And the live Weather also broken. (Pseudo-fog)

Only these 4 errors are enough that a hotfix is ​​urgently needed.

Sometimes I am amazed when people ask what shouldn’t work.
The flaws since SU7 are so obvious. Check out the many threads in the forum since SU7

-Mouse broken
-Live-Weather broken
-ATC now even worse than before SU7
-Live-Traffic broken
-Back Throttle broken
-Rudder broken
-Symbolbar in VR broken
-Supportoptions are automatically set to Easy
(I’m sure others have had other problems as well.)

Just to name a few bugs that I’ve been struggling with since SU7
And I’m not even talking about the errors that were always there before the SU7 update :wink:

As always after every update, I create a new profile for all my controls (throttle, pedals, Yoke, mouse)

Community folder is also empty.
GPU up do date
BIOS up to date
Rolling cache also cleared, even if I never needed it. I have a 1GBs fiber optic line


This bug needs a hotfix, 300+ votes in less than 24hours after SU7 release and now over 400.