Is there a hotfix coming for SU7?

it is your machine . .

I would not know how to help. I don’t have any of those so called “issues” except the assistance settings were set to easy. Solution. I went in and set my settings. Hope this helps.


great, thanks for the expert opinion. thousands of complaints on here, but i get “its my machine”


I should have specified that the “It” that I was referring to in my earlier post is a Level D FAA certified full flight simulator used in real world training. Of course, used that way, it is not considered a game, but a very real “game” is being played each time we entered such a simulator for a check ride. And yes, the “game” is indeed called You Bet Your License, since those are the stakes every time. A few, over the years, have lost that game, and lost those stakes.

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Believe me that helped a lot of simmers issues, on this Forum. As well as the HUD settings…someone helped me out on my Rudder solution after update.

My first point of blame was Asobo…however it was user error.

Thousands? With millions of users.? Me thinks that is pretty good. I’m extremely happy with the sim. Runs great on my machine. Love the weather night lighting, Very smooth great frame rate. Its not the sim it is your machine.

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I had rudder problem too remap your rudder control device. Fixed my rudder problem

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Out of those “issues” I reckon only the VR one could be considered to be a reason for a hot fix, rest of the items seems to either be local issues, such as controller at mappings or just opinions.


There’s a whole thread dedicated to exactly your issue and a very, very simple fix. I suggest the search facility.

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Really? The errors are certainly not local. Before SU7 everything was ok with me. I have had all of the mistakes I have listed since SU7.


lol…you already know that only a few of the ‘‘millions’’ here in the forum are out and about :wink:

And believe me it’s not because of our, machines, bevor SU7 all was fine in my Case, apart from the known bugs we have had for months


There been some who had controller problems due to mapping issues, so worth checking those or making a new profile with mappings.

He produced the most successful flight sim on the history…

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Have you read my Post befor?

Bind a key to enable it in the options in game. Easy, but not ideal. I have a pause key on my mouse, and another bound next to it now to re-enable in game.

i use pause so many times, and every time i have to press and re center the view…but thanks…

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I hear you… I usually lean in to instruments or FMC, GPS etc when setting them and pause. Can’t do that at the moment.

Track IR? I’ve never heard of it.


the only problem am having is every time I get airborne the sim freezes up.

If you could describe the problems we could upvote them if others have the same experience.
One issue is fixed by ensuring the mouse controller is reset to default.