Is there a list of addon aircraft

On the below link they talk about 111 aircraft. Are they listed anywhere?

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I believe there are 21 right now:

  1. BT Kitfox
  2. Carenado C182
  3. Carenado Mooney
  4. Carenado Seminole
  5. Carenado Waco
  6. Iris Jabiru 160/170
  7. BlackBox Bird Dog
  8. IndiaFoxtEcho Long-EZ
  9. IndiaFoxtEcho MB-339
  10. Wing42 Bleriot XI
  11. SimWorks Zenith CH-701
  12. VGP PowerSolo 103
  13. Nemeth Aerolite 103
  14. SimSkunkWorks Fiat G-91
  15. AT Simulations Cri Cri
  16. AT Simulations Piaggio P.149
  17. Lionheart Trinidad TB-21
  18. Virtualcol Beechcraft 99
  19. DC Designs F-15
  20. Bredok3D Eurofighter Typhoon
  21. Bredok3D Boeing 737-MAX

That’s all of them.


Are these “21” in production? A see FlyByWire A380 isn’t on the list.

Thats because the list only shows none freeware ones I believe.

That’s right. No freeware on this list. These are all RELEASED and AVAILABLE as of today.