Is there a master who can make Chinese airports?

I hope the company or individual who makes the airport can make the Chinese airport for the Chinese players. Our default airport looks too poor!!!

China is a very beautiful place. I hope I can buy Chinese landscapes and airports in the in-game mall. I have bought all the Online Hong Kong, Macao and Shanghai, but I hope I can get more Chinese customized landscapes.

In this way, more international friends can see China’s beautiful cities and scenery

What I want to buy most is Xiamen (zsam)

I’m sorry I can’t speak English. I use AI translation. I’m not sure if I speak English correctly!


Your translation is great! My wife is originally from Shanghai! I love the scenery pack for it. Really makes the city shine. Have you checked They ought to have a bunch of Chinese airports there! And that stuff is free.

China Scenery » Microsoft Flight Simulator »

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Thank you. I’ve browsed the website you said, but my wife is from Xiamen, so I prefer Xiamen. Unfortunately, she looks like… Poor vacanda

Thank you for the link. I didn’t realize some good add ons were already available.

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