Is there a quick way to load the aircraft after a camera.cfg change

It kind of sucks having to bail out of the sim when a change to the camera.cfg is made. Doesn’t the camera.fig load when the aircraft loads. Anyway around that. Making a change, relead sim, exit, may another load and exit. well that gets annoying. I guess there is no 3rd party camera program

Yes, if you enable developer mode you can effectively reload your aircraft in the sim environment. I was doing this a few days ago to permanently adjust the pilot position for various aircraft when using VR.
I cannot remember the specific menu but it was one of the right-most in the developer menu bar. While doing so for Vr I found it was necessary for me to switch in and out of VR. Hope this helps.


Yes, you can reload the aircraft in Dev mode, but your flight won’t be logged. Asobo needs to provide a way to quickly and easily reload the Camera.CFG file on-the-fly in normal sim mode, without having to run in Dev mode, so that user tweaks to the camera views can be tested and implemented without the hassle of restarting the flight or using Dev mode.

I would consider the non-logging of the “flight” rather irrelevant to be honest. If I mess around with the camera.cfg files to adjust my virtual position in the cockpit I do not fly anyway I am just there to adjust the position. :wink:

I will try the relead in dev mode and see how that works. I agree needs to be a easier way not to restart everything. I don’t log my flights and if it is happening, I don’t know it I used Foreflight log