Is there a reason why there isn't a testing team made up of active players for patch releases?

Hi, is there a reason why there isn’t a testing team, made up of current active players, that will test the patch before it’s released to the public? I mean, a lot of other games have some sort of a beta testing team (made up of current players of the game) that will help to test a patch before that patch is released to the public. Not sure why Asobo won’t take advantage of the player base in the game.


Maybe Asobo/Microsoft should create an Insider branch for the game so peoples could test the patch before release to the live build.


Curious… How do you know their isn’t? And if there is, they would most likely be under a NDA… I don’t know if there is or isn’t, and after the last patch it has me scratching my head. But I would think they would have some test users “in the wild” especially with the scale of this game.


You want a Stable release, like DCS does, every X months, and you want an Alpha/Beta release playable by anyone willing to accept bugs as a part of the workflow. A testing team is a completely different thing in the software universe, but I understand your point. I believe the game is barely a beta, any change you make to the game can break it, so even in that theorical situation, a Beta Release would be a pain in the bu tt. This software needs to get cured a lot, because even a Beta should be somehow stable. Well, that is my opinion mate, cheers

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The same reason why the A320 is utterly broken etc?

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My guess is that this will happen in the comming months when the internal builds are more stable.

Oh God, I hope nobody here wants that. Then everybody just plays with the beta (like in DCS) and nobody uses the stable. :thinking:

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I hope so.

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Lets be real for one moment. Everyone is waiting on the 3rd party devs to give us better planes and airports. Asobo are just tweaking and working on the platform for better scenery. They seem to quick test everything as to see the sim load up and start. They are relying on our Zendesk reports and feedback as testers on a released (not finished) product.

Yeah, I totally agree. I had been playing Stable for years, Always wondering why the multiplayer was so empty and the servers were all “practice” flying. Months ago I found out everyone was in the Beta, that morning I opened up the game, logged in to the multiplayer, and suddenly it was like the whole world was there

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This would follow a time-tested software development strategy. Asobo is probably trying to blaze a new trail. Why revert to a system where software is widely tested prior to being released? Nothing new or interesting about that imo.

This is something we are looking into when we mentioned a few months ago about “ongoing testing for Alpha/Beta testers”. Though I don’t have anything solid to say at this moment, this is something that I believe will be addressed in next week’s live Q&A.


Thanks! I mean, the live player base is technically a free resource for Asobo. You don’t have to pay the testers and you can easily get testers to volunteer to test the patch. The only drawback is you need somebody to oversee the bug reports submitted by the testers and determine which one is a priority to fix. But the sheer amount of help you get from an alpha/beta test team will definitely help your own QA process.

For bugs like the sensitivity menu bug, a larger group of alpha/beta testers would have easily been able to detect that bug. It will just make things easier for Asobo (and for everyone else) when the patch goes live.

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Even better than free, we actually paid to test for them.


I think because they’re probably by now sifting through 50.000 bug reports and don’t need more for a while?

Sounds like Ex-Planes MO. Push out patches which amount to lipstick on a pig.

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I mean, I always thought of the early release on August 18 meant we were in the “beta” testing phase of MSFS. This was never surprising to me. Not sure why anybody else was surprised.

At the same time, I don’t really care because I could be hit by a truck tomorrow. If I were hit by a truck tomorrow and Asobo had released MSFS sometime in 2021, I wouldn’t have been able to play it. By releasing MSFS earlier, I get to enjoy the game earlier. And this is a stellar game, even with all the bugs at the moment.


Agree with you here!

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Ditto … As users, we really have no idea, but just have to trust that those running things know what they are doing.

Watching the “In game” Credits, might give you an insight into the number of people who, at last at some time or another, were employed TESTERS.

No idea how many Alpha Insider Team testers there were, or what their qualifications might have been to become one … but that appears to all be “polluted” water under the bridge.

Why wouldn’t people be surprised? This was not marketed anywhere as an early or beta-release. Nor was it priced as an early or beta release.

Unless Jummivana is agreeing to the second half of your post, I can’t understand why he/she would state that either. Especially if he/she is actually employed by the developer or publisher.