Is there a shared cockpit yet?

Getting more into the PDMG 737, I can’t help but think how incredible it would be to have a multiplayer shared cockpit. There’s a lot to do in a single-player for an aircraft that really does need two people. So if there was a way to have two players in the cockpit - it would be out of this world.

Is this available yet somehow? Or are there any plans?


Your best bet is YourControls (original project + additional aircraft definitions by others) but the 737 is not yet supported. I guess because PMDG has not published the SDK yet but people are figuring out how to get access to all functions.

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there also appear to be performance issues with the mod (especially on longer flights)

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Ah thanks. I’ll give it a wack. Would need someone to fly with though. :slight_smile:

Id love to see shared cockpit in this sim but i think ill wait it out for a offical version if it ever comes.

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