Is there a 'this is still being worked on' list somewhere?

Is there a list of things that are currently missing from the game but should be in there that is being worked on to be in future patches beyond the obvious like the wanky suicidal autopilot ?

  • Effects as Chemtrails (“condensation trails” ), landing effects, vortexes etc
  • ‘premium/deluxe’ addons that are currently subpar ex: EHAM / Amsterdam Schiphol
    That airport is supposed to be a premium version but it is barely better than the default in FSX.
  • the ATC needs a serious chill pill. It needs to drink way less caffeine and is super distracting when things aren’t going as planned.
  • Inop.

theres this:

and this

i think thats about it

Yea I saw the first one but that’s just program bugs.
Hadn’t seen the 2nd one but I would think they would at least try and look at the FSX feature list ?
Was there no QA ? For EHAM there is auto scenery in the middle of the airport that is technically making taxi ways too small, vehicles are driving through buildings, the highway that is supposed to be underground is literally going over a taxi way. Not really acceptable for a ‘premium product’.

I also saw a wishlist forum on here but come on, most of that stuff should just be in the sim without having to come from a player wish list ?

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No, the communication from Asobo has been lack luster.

This is also spreading around outside the forums about Marketplace and “no updates going through until at least Sept 1” which is just absurd to me.

The new FX system is currently in the works, same as season, new modelled airports will be released on free world update, and sim update after.

The next web update will reveal some more plan, this was stated from Jayne in the twitch today from users question.


I’m wondering whether the devs listened to any of the testers at all during alpha/beta. Every time I see a bug or issue mentioned, it’s followed by someone with the label “alpha tester” saying that they told the devs about it months ago.

I bet Microsoft told them to prioritise the visuals because they predicted (correctly) that that would be the main draw on release. It’s all the gaming publications can talk about.

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Yea I was hoping for a little more communication, sept 1st isn’t that far away so that’s not too bad IMO.

That’s an answer I was hoping for :slight_smile:
I guess it’s going to be wait and see for a week.

I can get into that but I would have really liked a bit more communication even if it was just ‘We’ll get back to you with a better update around ’

49:59 MSFS Update

00:00 Intro
11:05 How did Asobo embrace flying
14:46 What level of accuracy should we expect from flight models?
20:15 Pre-download?
21:27 Career mode/missions?
22:26 Replay functionality?
24:45 Trees
28:44 Water_Masking\ Season
33:56 New FX System
34:28 Shared Cockpits
35:00 Future of Helicopters?
42:05 Hand-crafted Airports
45:05 Freeware modding?
49:45 Autopilot Bugs
53:35 Weather updates?
56:03 Will doors open?
57:00 Xbox release date?