Is there a UI mod like mixMugz for VR?

I’m looking for a mod like the one from @mixMugz that replaces the default nameplates and POI/city/airport/fauna markers with alternatives which are easier to read in VR (ie. high contrast and large font?) and lets me toggle them on and off using a hotkey or button assignment.

Is there such a thing?

I use the hiddenui/tiny plates mod to make them smaller as the default ones are way too big in VR! So can’t help you there, sorry

You’re using a G2, huh? Or a graphics card that allows for decent supersampling? Or both?

Well, this thread is for the poor folk who have neither.

G2 yes, supersampling no. 90 render scale in Sim and 80 in OXR. I had a Rift S before but even there I found the POIs readable and too big

I’m happy for you.

Umm thanks I guess. What HMD are you using that has such a low resolution?

I’m using a Valve Index with an inset with prescription lenses, and for me, contrast and font size of the default nameplates make them barely readable. I have no issues reading placards or small text on the G1000.

“us poor people with valve indexes” :sob::rofl:

You know the G2 is a lot more affordable? Last I heard the index was what, still around 1k?

Again, I’m happy for you. I’ve been using the Index since before the predecessor of your G2 was available.

Really? Must’ve been close, from what I can find, the G1 came out in May 2019 and the Index in June… Not sure what you mean in any case

BTW the G2 is just 399 at Walmart now, in case you’re in the US… Insane!

Not sure if this helps it but you can edit the CSS file within ( uimod-mugz-tinyplates/html_ui)/mCS" and change the values there. Playing around with the -scalefactor: 0.75; setting.

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It looks like the font size is calculated based on the “screenHeight”, which would make it dependent on some graphics setting. I can only assume that, whatever it is that this is based on, is smaller for me than for other users. I run MFS in a pretty small window on my desktop when I’m flying in VR, which makes me think that “screenHeight” is always based on a property of the desktop window, even when flying in VR.

Thanks for pointing me to scalefactor. Before I saw your advice, I edited mugzIGMWG.css and simply doubled all the numbers which are based on “screenHeight”, and, voilà, the city markers are now perfectly readable.

(I didn’t fix the multiplayer nameplates yet, because I’m currently flying the DC-6 a lot, so I stay away from multiplayer and the crashes it’s causing.)

Next, I’ll have to find out why Backspace can turn off the markers, but not turn them back on. According to the docs, it’s supposed to be a toggle.

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