Is there a VR memory leak in the 787 (Quest 2)?

Since the excellent update to the avionics in the Boeing 787, I’ve started flying a lot more in this plane.

However, during the flight (and especially towards the end of a hour-long flight), the display usually starts to go “gooey”, i.e. laggy and mis-shapen (not just stuttery). My workaround is to pause the sim, reboot the headset (Quest 2), re-enter the sim and resume flying. This solves the problem at least for a while, though I may need to repeat the reboot later in the flight.

The sim itself is running ok - if I switch to 2D there’s no problem. So I would guess that the memory in the Quest 2 is becoming full, and that rebooting initiates a garbage collection. The fact that this works suggests that the memory is clogged up with unnecessary data. This only happens in the 787, so I wonder if there is a memory leak in the FS coding?

I have 64Gb of RAM and 11Gb of VRAM, so I wouldn’t think these would be a problem. I’m running on Dx12.

Does anyone else have trouble with VR in the 787, especially on the Quest 2?