Is there a way to adjust visibility?

Scenery is nice, but not able to reduce visibility, is there a a way to do this?

What do you mean with “reduce visibility” ?

The visibility of scenery is being loaded into the vicinity of you aircraft, so that objects (houses, tress etc.) “pop-up” only if you are getting closer to them?


Reduce the visibility in sight, while flying in IMC?



Much debated, very much requested. Just keep your fingers crossed.

Same goes for high cloud formations. The low/intermediate level clouds are spectacular. I defy anyone to find cirrus

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Currently right now nope, one of the important features removed from weather / settings from previous versions.

The manual weather options are pretty limited right now, I also miss being able to adjust various stations on the map manually.

I am wondering why so many last minute changes. People are saying the game was awesome before and now all I see is terrible

I dont think it is terrible at all, but miss creating low cielings low visibility scenarios.
Has anyone been able to find it on Live weather?
If yes , means its there , and its just that we cannot choose the option.