Is there a way to replace the pilot's face with my own?

I prefer to fly small airplanes and make some screenshots, usually, the pilot is quite
clear in thesr pics.
It would be interesting if I could make pilot’s face with my own face :smiley:.


I can’t answer your question but I can see your interest. Because of the great sim graphics, you want to be able to show pics to friends and convince them you are flying a real plane. :grin:
No seriously, I would also be interested in having a female pilot (not necessarily with my own face).


I’m guessing it’s possible if it’s turned to a Mod…

create a 3D model of yourself using 3DS Max maybe? then port it into the sim?

You can have male or female crew. Although there are 20 Avatars to select, there isn’t all that much variation between them as there might have been.

The pilot models are all 3D assets and I’m sure that - with the right 3d modeling skills - can be changed. A modding opportunity for sure.


Wow, that’s exactly the feature I didn’t know about yet, great.
Also, about the face change, usually just need to repalce the textures to get a good effect, right?

noe clue how to edit pre-existing models in fs2020, but its relatively straight forward to edit the pilot face texture.

I’d like this as well so I can show off L.O.L
As A 3d modeler / 3d Artist, I use a couple of programs Blender and Daz Studio both free
There are also free standing Programs that can do this
Daz Studio has a program called Face Transfer this isn’t free. You would need a quality photo of yourself facing front, mouth closed and no expression. with that you can transfer your face onto a Genesis 8 Male or Female character, you would then need to add hair and clothes
At this point you can animate the character in Daz Studio
I think for this to work you would need to reduce the resolution of the model, so it doesn’t impact on performance. I believe a Daz Studio plug in called Decimater can do this
Exporting this has its problems but there are lots of formats you could use
Importing this into Microsoft flight Sim could be tricky
There are also possible licensing issues


So currently,is there no tool for converting common formats to game files?

What format is required for game files ie to run in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?
Daz Studio Models can be exported in a number of different formats
I would think you require licenses to do It and Microsoft - Daz permissions
In this case I would think Microsoft would be best to ask if this could be done

check files from
There might be bin and gltf files for the 3Dmodel
and PNG.DDS files.Seems not regular files for 3D editing.

I’m not sure what format these are, I can see Bin and 3dModel
Daz Studio exports in a number of different formats but I can’t see these.
Here is a list of the export formats
Obj may be no good as it exports the model as a solid object ie no movement


Just a question when I’m in the plane external view I see the pilots etc OK, internal I can’t see them although they did appear once

I encountered it once, but haven’t appeard ever.
I think they should be converted by something like sdk instead of using generic software.

Something like this, yea?

good story!
So there is a way to show the co-pilot?

No… This was a bug, one that creeps me out the first time it happened. So I took a screenshot and wrote a whole backstory to go with it.


Well I’m glad other people have seen the spooky pilot L.O.L
I wouldn’t mind if you could see them, as taking a shot of the interior when flying I’m hand arm and leg less or perhaps that’s to many beers L.O.L

With editing the face this is proving to be difficult

I did manage to add a face to a Daz Genesis 8 model OK using face transfer and export the model as a Autodesk FBX file

You can get Daz Studio free at if you fancy some modeling

I also found that Substance Painter can import this OK and save it as a bin and gltf file

Using Daz Studio you can create a rendered image of the Genesis model and save that as a png

(FBX, Collada, OBJ, glTF) support pretty much everything

The FBX Model Imported into Substance Painter but with no textures you can paint the model but its a lot of work to do that

I’m still looking for a program that can just convert the model to this format, I found a few online but I would prefer a stand alone program

In the Pilot folders there seem to be an
XML file
and a text file that has the pilot info
Altering these could give you problem as they could be changed as things get updated
I think it would be wise to have this as an add on in it’s own directory
I would need Microsoft Fight Sim programmers help there

I have exported a Daz Studio colada genesis male into Blender OK, then exported that as glTF ver 2
That imports back into blender OK but there were no textures, ill keep trying

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Thank you for trying…


Check out the head .dds textures eg: CH_PILOT_MALE_CAUCASIAN_HEAD_ALBEDO.PNG.DDS

Although they’re stretched and a bit weird as it’s a UV map. BUT it should be a similar UV map to other modelled heads…

Hi Thank you I had found them
I managed to change the head on one OK and return it back
There are a few problems here

For the head to be a good likeness it’s needs to be high resolution, Daz Studio Genesis 8 head is around 4k x 4k, I changed the texture of the face to 512k x 512k just to try it out it worked but it looked out of alignment

The next problem is the 3d object of the head is representative of the shape of the persons head
So if you apply a texture it needs to fit the 3d object

To change the format of the 3d model from exported FBX to glTF I found easy2convert did that OK

I think I’ve seen a P.S.P way of changing a 2d image to a 3d one that looks very similar

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