Is there a way to skip or postpone sim updates?


I’d like to have an option to skip (or postpone at least) updates of the sim. The reason is that sometimes I just want to fly a little bit after a hard working day and I don’t want to be literally blocked by the update, i.e. it forces me to wait for quite a long time to download it and only after that I can actually use the product I bought.

Please just add a button like ‘Skip’, ‘Not now’ or ‘Remind me later’.


Try offline only

Surprisingly it worked! I’ve tried this workaround before, but the sim wouldn’t even launch saying ‘Can’t connect to XBox live’ or something like that.

The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is the online functionally. I reestablished my internet connection after launching the sim (actually after getting airborne) and enabled all the data streaming options in the settings, but I haven’t noticed the photogrammetry cities showing up. Probably I need to test it again more carefully, but I’ll appreciate If you share your experience on that as well.

This is just a note:
When you are off-line (in MSFS) and your internet goes off-line (ISP or connection to server), you will get that xbox log in and it will take a bit of working it to try to get back in.

Also, if you are off-line (MSFS) and an update comes out, you will not be able to update and you also can’t get back into that MSFS options menu.

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