Is there a way to specify which Real World Airlines park at which SDK Parking Spots?

I just edited an airport in the US (kmdw, available on which is a big hub for Southwest AIrlines. 90% of the Boeing 737’s are Southwest Airlines, but i cannot find a way to specify that when creating terminals, gates, and parking spots.

The properties in each parking spot only mentions Parking Number, Gate designation , and you can label the ground marking and specify its location on the ground.

But can we choose which real world airlines only go to which taxiway parking spot ?
Someone mentioned editing an xml ? But i do not know what this means or where this xml is.


Previous versions of flight simulator required you to edit the airport layout (using a program called AFCAD) to include variable called a radius. These radiuses could be then referenced in the Ai configuration file.

Giving the immature state of AI and the fact that a new version of AFCAD is currently in the works, it’s going to be a little bit before this becomes reality. There are multiple posts on this forum regarding different AI development programs you might want to check out.

Check this site if you don’t know it.

Actually, the best place to look is the SDK

You can specify an airlineCodes item in a taxiway parking object. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been added to the Scenery Editor yet, so you’ll have to add them to the airport xml by hand. Use the Airline ICAO code, and, if multiple, separate them by comma.

The definition can be found in the Taxiway Definition Properties section.

I’m still trying to figure out where the icao list MSFS uses is. It may not matter. They may just suggest to use the ICAO code so everybody uses the same codes.