Is there a way to tell if the city you're flying in showing in photogrammetry?

Is there a way to tell if the city you’re flying in showing in photogrammetry?

If your settings are on Ultra are the cities that support photogrammetry shown that way?

Flying around in Seattle and wondering if I’m seeing the city in photogrammetry or if I need to download the photogrammetry areas.

Here is a list of cities using photogrammetry:

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You can turn on Photogrammetry from the options.

It doesn’t matter if you pre-cache it or stream it on the fly.

What if my connection is not fast enough to download the scenery, will the sim let me know?

you will just see malformed buildings (mostly triangles).

I don’t really understand the question - it’s not difficult to see photogrammetry in the sim once you are flying over it. The list of photogrammetry cites can be found in Bing Maps under 3D Cities but these and the static link posted by @MillKaDe60 are missing the cities from the recent Japan update.

Be aware that Photogrammetry is a frame killer if you are running a midgrade system. I am running an i5/8400 and 2060super 8GB w/32G on the board. I can fly around most large cities with most settings at Ultra and a few high and click along at 35-40 fps and no stutters. Flew out of LAX yesterday and bogged down to 10fps on departure. Ramped right back up once I left the area. Normally I leave it off as it makes 0 difference to your experience outside of photogrammetry areas, but I wanted to see if it really looked as amazing as people said. Meh… It’s cool but unless you are specifically there to sightsee, not convinced it’s worth the extra $4000 :wink: I would have to put in the case under my desk.

Intel Core i7-5820K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.3 GHz LGA 2011-v3, EVGA 3070 and 48 Gb memory.

But my connection is slow 10 mb.