Is there a Working Title G3000 update following MSFS push?

Does anyone have insight or a link on an update for G3000 from WT? Thanks!

You can join their discord channel for the most up-to-date information.

They posted an announcement last night saying the following:

“Unfortunately a change made in today’s update seems to break a key part of our file loading for the G1000. This is causing a broken MFD, and it may affect other bits of the Garmins, too. I’ve sent a query off to our friends at Asobo for some more information/guidance and we’ll get things straight as soon as we can, if we can. But there won’t be a release for these tonight. We’ll keep you posted.”


It’s a shame that just a few weeks after broad announcement of collaboration, they don’t even manage to coordinate a test for the WT guys prior release.

Couldn’t Asobo at least test with this now officially supported mod or let the WT people participate in a beta to sort it out before it goes public?
Kind of disappointing after all the marketing hype.


Working Title are first-party; they DID get a “beta branch” of the source code but were busy with as-of-yet undisclosed work and didn’t have a chance to test. To clarify they had the chance to test pre-update but were busy.

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@everyone G1000 v0.3.5 is out. This brings compatibility with World Update 4 and fixes a few prior compatibility issues including one with the stock G3000. There is one necessary change in how custom engine display pages are loaded that bears attention if you use the G36 mod, or something else that takes advantage of our enhanced display components. Read the release notes for more: Release g1000-v0.3.5 · Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages · GitHub

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Thanks for passing this on @CalmEspresso, noticed the MFD not working in several G1000 aircraft this morning and am glad to know it’s not just me!

Will patiently await WT’s update to match the latest sim version. Cheers!

Edit: Legend @Sonicviz! Thanks for sharing the link. Didn’t take long for WT to catch! :smiley:

Interesting – so there is hope for a speedy fix for the WASM bug ? ( assuming it was the WASM bug that took down the WTG G1000) .

If so, hopefully the way to fix the issues cause is passed on to “Everyone”, and in a few days, the “WASM BUG” will be history.

This thread is a little confusing as it’s titled about the g3000, which works fine with the new update.

The WT G1000 mod doesn’t use standalone WASM modules as far as I know.
So don’t get your hopes up too high.

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