Is there an ATC banned names list?

Hi all,

When Dave recently released the Hunter, we tried everything to get ATC to announce the type as either Hawker Hunter, or even just Hunter. Whatever we tried resulted in silence from ATC.
If we substituted Boeing or Airbus into the CFG file, no problem at all. The ICAO code is HUNT, but previous FS versions were quite happy with both HAWKER as the manufacturer and HUNTER as the type. We’ve tried all combinations.

Is there something we are missing or are they banned names? Any suggestions or advice? Has anyone experienced similar issues with type or manufacturer? (I know some callsigns were blocked).

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Not so much blocked, but probably not added. All aircraft, cites, airport names are added to files in the fs-base directory

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Been doing a bit of digging, and DG found a solution….

atc_type = “$$:XXXXXX”
atc_model = “$$:YYYYYY”

Insert the text for type in place of the X’s and the text for model in place of the Y’s and it will use text to speech.

The $$. invokes texts to speech and works a treat. :+1: