Is there another way to download the SDK?

I’ve been flying around for a while now, and now I’m keen on improving my home city by adding some missing buildings here and there. I have about half a dozen buildings on blender ready to go.

However, I just can’t seem to get FS to download the SDK. I’ve of course turned on the Developer Tools, I went to Help -> Download -> SDK Installer, but nothing happens after I click it.

I have the Premium Deluxe edition via Steam. Is there anything I’m doing wrong? Is there another way to download the SDK installer and sample projects?

You may need to have a browser open. Just guessing as I always have one open. You will see the download in the browser.

Have you checked your download folder just in case.

Like @DA40CGDFQ said, give it a try with a browser open. In fact, maybe run FS in “Windowed Mode” by pressing Alt+Enter while in game, and open your browser up next to the sim. If that doesn’t work, send me a PM.

Thank you both.

As it turns out, my default browser on Windows 10 was set to an uninstalled, old copy of Chrome. Fixed that, and I’m all set!

I can no longer download the SDK I have tried windowed with browsers open I was able to download it in the release version none of the option in the SDK Help menu work. Is there another way to download the SDK installer

Here’s the address to the latest SDK:

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I was able to download the SDK after I changed the webbrowser in the standard-apps to Microsoft Edge. With formerly set Firefox nothing happend. I changed it back later.