Is there any perf hit by having a 4k monitor connected in addition to VR headset?

Hi All,

I’m currently using a 1080p monitor and that seems to work fine with me using the hp reverb g2, but I wondered if it does drain any resources from the video card, and if I were to get a 4k monitor would that drain more resources from the gpu and reduce what is available to the vr headset? or does it not matter? Just trying to decide if I should upgrade to a 4k monitor or stick with the 1080p so the headset has more available resources from the gpu.

Thank you!


it does not give you a performance hit.

Thank you!

I recently bought a 28" 4k monitor to run on a GTX 1080 GPU I found it performs better than a 1080p monitor for some strange reason, however I running it 2k resolution which works really well, 4k will kill your frame rates for little gain.

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