Is there anyway to remove default windsocks?

I put an exclusion rectangle, put a polygon, everything on top and it continues rendering a windsock in the middle of the taxiway

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still have the same issue with a Tower Beacon.

There are some bugs in the editor still ;(

Fixed it.
Was using a Rectangle, instead of an Exclusion Rectangle.

Same problem here, i have a Windshock who isnt responding to wind direction and im unable to delete it

Can you please elaborate how you did? I tried removing a windsocket with the Exclusion Rectangle but I can’t get it to work.

use a exclusion rectangle and change priority to 1 or 2

Thanks, will give it a go.

Exclusion Rectangles don’t have a “Priority” property :’( I’m trying to figure out how to remove a rotating beacon tower from the middle of a runway and I just can’t get it to budge. Exclusion Rectangle. Polygon with Exclusions and high priority… nothing works!

You can add the priority property on the XML directly, thats how I manage to work it out.

When I add priority="2" to the ExclusionRectangle in the XML then open the project it just doesn’t load the ExlcusionRectangle at all. Is the property named something different?

The exclusion triangle in the latest SDK now works to exclude these.