Is there anyway to reset the store

When I uninstall and reinstall msfs 2020 the store remembers everything I had uninstalled. So when I try to install the baron 58 or anything else I uninstalled it never shows up in the sim, in this case an aircraft

I want to reset the installer so it doesn’t have anything to remember it the past and installs everything

Type wsreset into the search box next to the windows icon in the lower left corner.

wsreset is for Microsoft Store, which doesn’t look like it will help much for your problem here. Aircraft is not managed by Microsoft Store directly but by the game itself. If you want to fully uninstall, make sure you delete the >120GB Official folder next to Community folder.

My bad… I didn’t read the entire post, just the headline. :slight_smile:

Yep. Done that already. Did not work

How does it show in your Content Manager in the sim? Can show us some screenshots?

Content Manager shows installed and updated, Folder is in the official online store area but I see the problem now. The only folders are

asobo-aircraft-baron-g58 livery-01
asobo-aircraft-baron-g58 kenmore
asobo-aircraft-baron-g58 xbox aviators

The last one was just a try ro see if it was needed, it is not
what is missing is

asobo-aircraft-B58 (if that is what it should be called

Other aircraft have this installer is not downloading that one.
for example asobro-aircraft-da40-ng asobro-aircraft-da62 and those show up fine

Here is the folders for the baron on my PC:

Do you see this in your Content Manager?

The very top one is missing and the others I try to install like the king air have the same type of folder missing. This is why I wanted the installer to think it was a new never installed

The very top one is on the Deluxe Upgrade. That’s why I asked what you see in your Content Manager.

So it appears that all 3 versions have to be installed. Before in the past I just Premium Deluxe version and everything was there. ok I guess I know that Thx. I usually uninstall before a sim update and just install again, mind does not take very look to download and install. Anyway that did fix it

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