Is there even a QA team on this project?

last 2 patches. Cut my frame rate in half.

I went from 45 fps on high/ultra.

To 19 fps on medium.

Thankfully the last one was fixed via hot fix. So I didn’t complain. But twice in a row? Come on ?

Is there not a qa team testing the updates on user level machines? Or are they not listened to?


Check your nvidia settings. Turning mfaa and fxaa off has helped for some. My frames doubled after adjusting nvidia settings.

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I do seriously wonder. I mean, there’s not one person working on documentation apparently. It feels to me, as a developer with 40+ years experience, like it’s a small team with little support under pressure. I’d guess that pressure is the XBox version.

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I agree with @phobos8287. I am running an Nvidia card and turning off MFAA and FXAA as well as motion blur increased performance significantly. I am now getting about 10fps more than the previous version.

So how much documentation do you need.
The same as P3D?
The same as X-Plane?
The same as FSX perhaps?
Oh hang on a minute, was there any documentation with any of those either?
Was there an outcry with those too?


You’re bang on there! :slight_smile: @SnoopyDart76267, if you need help with anything inparticular then that is what this forum is for. Dont hesitate to ask questions, many of us are happy to help you out.

Indeed. Under UK law one can make a reasonable case that the product is not of marketable quality.

I am aware of the shills. But it’s like buying a new car, banging on about the shiny paintwork and ignoring the fact that the brakes don’t work reliably.


Totally agree … SDK is still full of holes … and the bits that do exist are 50% Useless

That’s why there’s no add on planes other than simple props (which just about work). They’re trying to hit a moving target.

It’s the worst job in the world. It was one of my earliest. Working on a Hotel Management package, which was written in a variant of BASIC (long time ago). The Mk2, which I was working on, it was written in a new version of the language which itself was under development. So you’d write code like “T1=42:PRINT T1” which occasionally wouldn’t print 42 depending on … no-one ever did figure it out. Though I did get to live in NL for a year which made it better :slight_smile:

Maybe “T1=6 x 9:PRINT T1” would have worked better and printed 42, as long as you were running the code on the Earth. :slight_smile:

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no becuase i got more than 19 frames per second on those

Well i paid for the big $120 version of the game.

I dont have a super computer but I expect I should be able to play the game, without it breaking every patch. I am becoming very frustrated.

I mean i challenge anyone to land a fully loaded grand caravan in bad weather at 19 frames per second.

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Or 19 Caravans at 1 fps in multiplayer.

Please report the specific issues you’re having via Zendesk so that the team can look into it. Also be reminded that there is a hotfix slated to be released this weekend.

I’ll be closing this thread now. Have a great day.