Is there some place that we can see what the CURRENT latest version of the game is?

I keep going to my assets and see “A newer game version is required” but my version is constantly unchanged after checking for updates. Currently, it says I am at version I am assuming the warnings about a newer game version are anticipating some kind of future update. It is extremely frustrating to have to keep launching the game to see nothing update and have to check my current version and then hope that I am at the latest version.

It would be nice if someplace on the flight simulator page we could see what the current latest version is without having to wonder!

Your best bet would be to look at the latest patchnotes topic in #community:news-and-announcements.

When flying press ESC and then click on your nametag picture top right hand side. Current version is displayed there. Hope that is what you wanted. Cheers.

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You don’t need to worry about this. FS2020 has always warned us in the past when a new update is available - in fact, you can’t run the sim without updating, which has upset various users!

And once you’ve been forcibly updated, you just need to go to the content mananger to update all your assets.

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Also the game will not start up if an update is required - it will force the update. After each update you should check the content manager for any additional updates needed and see if you can download them.

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I discovered today that:
As I checked the MS Store for the version update - nothing appeared to download.
When starting the FS, it was showing in the FS-Store that the US update needs a different version.
I quit the FS, opened MS Store and there was now the latest version available to download.
After finishing downloading, starting the FS, it gave me the actual US downloads.
I have not run it for a while and maybe it needs the game itself to check before the MS Store App download is triggered?!

Would those be the posts where the word “mandatory” is in quotes?

Yes, or the ones pleading “Please no more updates”!

It is odd the way the forum is so polarised, with those users (probably the majority) who are looking forward to the updates in the expectation they will solve all their problems, despite the disappointment of previous updates, and those users dreading them.

Or then there are people like myself, who view them as a necessary evil on the path (eventually) to full enlightenment.

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This is just unbelievable! Why should the latest version of the program be a mystery? There should be a permanent sticky post at the top of the latest patch notes. Clearly stating - The current version is…

Clicking on my tag and seeing the version I currently have installed does not tell me that I have the latest version and I am left wondering when I see 90% of all my assets saying “A newer game version is required” if I have somehow missed an update!

I mean I still have not gotten a definative answer to is the latest version?

And when is the update that is going to allow me to install the 107 content updates that are flagged with “Newer game version required to update” to be downloaded?

You mean like this?


Am I missing something here? Clicking on our icon top RHS tells us the latest version. Or going to windows mode also tells us top LHS. The latest version is also included in the patch notes notice on the home page. We are told when there is a new version and what it is. We cannot open or play the sim without the new version being installed. Etc etc etc. After a new version is installed we go through our contents stuff to update anything that needs updating. After that, as the developers are doing things, it seems some content then says it requires a newer version - well we ignore that until it is announced that a new version is available fir download. If we miss the announcement the sim will not start and will tell us that a new version is available. Maybe not ideal but quite believable and works ok. Cheers.

A ‘standard’ windows feature that works with most games is to use the key combination:


This will drop the sim/game from full screen to windowed mode.
Do this while in MSFS 2020 and you will see [top left] the version number!

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Seeing as this has been answered already, which is to simply have a look at the News & Announcements page which clearly indicates the latest release version number, I’ll be closing this. Thanks to @Nyx1819 and @anon81017491 whom both provided easy ways to check the version you are on and latest version.

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