Is There Update today the 17th?

I’ve noticed in content manager that all updates are dependent on version 1.11.2 ?

No. The next update is planned for Nov. 24th.

See the latest roadmap here:


Odd mine did a very small update today, I thought it was unusual.

Yeah, there was a small 26kb update.

At least that confirms a proper update incoming, instead of the 2 hotfixes we had since 1.10.

I really don’t understand why they put the updates under the wrong date, then put the correct date in parenthesis after it:


They do it every time - I was a bit confused the first time I saw it.

It’s a bit worrying if their programming is equally illogical.


Development Updates typically come out every Thursday. When there is a program update associated with it, they group it in with that week’s dev update - with the anticipated date of the program update in parenthesis.

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It would make a mess if they post dates for World and sim updates apart from the regular development updates. It’s fine (for me) the way it is.

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I also have the same issue. It says I cannot download content until I update to 1.11.2… What’s the latest version out?

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would suggest using week number then for the header, and add the dates in parenthesis behind the rows.

As I say, it confused me at first - I understand it now, but it is odd the way they have arranged it. I would have thought a simple calendar arrangement would have been more obvious. If they want to group it weekly, it is more logical to put a week number for each group (rather than the date), then the actual date against each entry.

As I alluded to, in programming you need to be extremely logical in how you group and order code, not just for your own benefit, but for others who need to modify the code later. I do actually assume the person who arranged this was not a programmer.

I launched it earlier just to check something, and I got no update that I had to manually accept.

Latest version for me is 1.10.11

Deps are showing 1.11.3 now

Guys, It’s not difficult to see when an update is coming via their weekly progress in the roadmap.

What happened to the Home option at the top of this forum. Used to provide details on updates, etc, but for the last two days I get Oops! That Page doesn’t exist or is private. Is this related to the upcoming update on the 24th?