Is this new loading screen a sign of things to come?

Older members may remember Close Encounters of the Third Kind …

An image of a mountain was planted into the chosen folks minds to prepare them for the aliens.
Seriously, I do like the UFO option in FlightGear as a scenery checking tool but let’s get this planet right first before moving out there into the territory of other well known games.

You do realise this is scenery from the recently released Japan scenery… right?..


I cannot get past this image since the update.


Mt. Fuji, shown in the loading screen, is iconic to Japan and appears throughout Japanese art and media.

The mountain from Close Encounters of the Third Kind is Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and is a totally different shape:

Thanks for the in-flight movie suggestion.

You do realise this is a game … right? :crazy_face:

Bruh what. You implied this was extraterrestial or smth.

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Does anyone know how to get past this screen or what is causing the glitch? I get to “press any key” and then I’m stuck with the music and this backdrop?

Just realised they still haven’t fixed the Firewall issue with Bitdefender or bitdefender cannot be arsed to fix it. either way it was that, that what was holding my screen on the lovely scenic scene.

And the Devil’s Peak in FS2020 is yet another shape entirely … Work in progress.

That’s the low quality offline version. It looks almost recognizable if you turn scenery streaming on, but landmarks like that need to be hand modeled to look decent in this game.

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There’s so much goddámn noise on this forum, like this thread for example, that I miss gems like this:


My apologies, I do post in a more lighthearted way than some might prefer …
It’s great that folk are sharing awesome scenery, That it’s across a whole bunch of platforms like Discord and Reddit and various blog sites, not so great.

Still, I’ll upload my two airports when I work out how best to do it.

A big advantage of open source platforms (like FlightGear) is that there is a well trodden pathway for making user add-ons available. This has yet to evolve here I guess.

And likewise, my wording came off way too harsh, when I really intended it toward the amount of traffic on these forums in general.

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Could anyone tell me, please, where exactly is the location for the loading screen image ?
Thank you

It’s in Japan, Google Mt Fuji.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


well I’m Losing buildings, landmarks and quality with every update.
what happened to find my house etc. London lost buck palace GPO tower London eye etc.

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