Is this possible in MSFS?

I’d like to fly a particular plane to a particular airport. THEN, I’d like to change planes WITHOUT having to go to the main menu. Can I keep my location at the airport, and just change the vehicle? I do that all the time in P3d. I like changing from a commuter plane to a jet at my transitional airport.


go in developer mode on there u can swithc plane in air


You can if you enable developer mode

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Thanks, I didn’t know that’s possible
Is it possible to hide the black toolbar and accessing only when I move the mouse over it?

Alt+Enter gives you full screen.

I’m not at home right now
And after Alt + Enter, how do I acces the developer toolbar ?
Thank you

You can activate developer mode only when you need it, and then deactivate it from the options.

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That would make for a really nice hotkey.

I was gonna say as developer mode removes stuff from the scenery.

Incidentally, there is a “exit [devmode]” option in the devmode menu.