Is this thread public?

Just so I know, is this still a restricted area for testers, or can the public read these postings now?

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It’s all public now

It is public

you are STILL restricted from discussing anything from the Alpha/Beta though, the NDA is still valid for any information obtained or used from the Alpha/Beta.


So we’ve arrived into the public view eh?

Sounds like fun.

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Well there’s release version now ) We have to concentrate on that )))

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So is there an area where we can still discuss things whilst remaining faithful to the NDA?

im well aware of that, im just clarifying that any of us that were Alpha/Beta, we are still NDA Bound from disclosing anything that went on in the testing phases.

@Dizzy, you are free to discuss anything here in public on the public release, the NDA still applies to those who were part of the Alpha/Beta programs from disclosing anything that occurred during that time.

Not at this time. Once post-launch testing begins, a place will open for discussion for those that will be participating. :slight_smile:


Might be a good idea to put up a pinned notice about this or your going to be run off your feet.


most of the users who are Alpha/Beta already know this information :wink: